Creating videos, simply, easily and with a professional appearance.

SMOVE stabilizer

DIY and Self-produced videos on the go With today’s technology, it is easy to create fantastic videos for your business, or friends and family.  In this short tutorial, I will review a few basic pieces for equipment that have a big impact. I hope you have enjoyed this short tutorial, check out my YouTube channel […]

3 of my latest small business promotional videos

Great Things LLC Custom Video Production and Editing

Promotional Videos Work! And they are a lot more affordable and easy to create than you may think.    The following three videos were shot in a one hour span on a Thursday.  The editing and publication was complete by Tuesday at noon.   I hope you enjoy watching these, as much as I enjoyed creating […]

Latest Video production- Music Video shot on location in Pittsburgh

Here is a video I shot with Ron Pushak in Pittsburgh.   It was filmed on location at Nied’s Hotel and hosted by Slim Forsythe.   Molly Alphabet performs Saturday and Sunday. This was shot with (2) Canon 7D and a few wide angle lenses, a steady cam rig and tripod.  Narration was capture on […]

Blueprints and solar panels

Solar Panel Array

This week held two good meetings.   Engineer Josh Meyer revised the roof line and 2nd floor to pick up an extra office and increase the square footage.  It also eliminated any East/West gable exposure.  This helps protect anextra end the roof life.  With only North and South facing roof,  the roof allows for cross […]

Revamping and Ready to Get Going

It has been a busy week.   A lot to do at the Center of Harmony after taking a week’s break in Asheville, NC.   Which by the way, is a fantastic city with a lot to offer!       If you have noticed a new look and feel to the website, it is […]

Pins and orange flags

Survey Stake and Pin

The survey work is done!  It was completed on Tuesday and we hope to get the results tomorrow.  This information will provide the basis for how high above the ground we need to be and the location of the underground services/utilities.

First design iteration , it is starting to feel like a project


Friday morning, we meet with Josh Meyers, of E.C.C.I. Josh and his family have been life long family friends. While this project is dedicated to supporting local people and businesses, we selected Josh based on his knowledge and thought design suggestions. He has a unique, analytical perspective of balancing design, our green requirements and our […]

Excited about floors

Renewable Flooring

I met with our engineer, Josh Meyer, at the Wunderbar Coffee Shop this morning. He had some exciting info on flooring options. Since we are building in the floodplain, we must build above the 100 year flood stage, about 8-10 feet above the ground. This leaves open air under the floor. That is a design […]

Environmental Living, Here we come!


You are reading it hear first!  Our new “Green” house! This will be the official blog spot for the journey we are undertaking.    So is what is happening!   1) We are building a new house behind the Center of Harmony.   In the vision of the Center, this will be an environmental conscious […]