Revamping A Case Study for a Website Rebuild Web Site Rebuild

A Rapid Response and Website Rebuild This was an opportunity that our team had been excited for, although it was not how anyone would have liked it to happen.   Rachel Allen is a friend, an author, a client, a member of the Great Things LLC Accelerator group, and a kind hearted force for good.   Rachel […]

How to Change The Author on a WordPress Blog Post

How to change author on WP Blog Graphic

5 Simple Steps to Change or Update an Author of a Blog Post in WordPress Change is a constant, even in the digital sphere of content creation. Have you ever found your WordPress blog post attributing credit to the wrong author? It’s like having a doppelganger who takes all the applause for your encore performance. […]

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Create a WordPress Blog Post for Beginners

WordPress Blog for Beginners

The How To Post A Blog Properly Video that Has Been Coming For Some Time. How to create format a blog post is one of the most common questions and requests we get at Great Things LLC.  I’ve made short helpful videos for minute clients but have never put a full-length version together.    More […]

Elementor 3.7 Updates and Features You Should Know

Elementor Web Design tool for word press

Elementor 3.7: New Features Elementor has release some new features and functions you should be aware off.  You may have already noticed some of the changes.  These are great improvements and will streamline your web design process and workflows. Multiple language support number scrubber in Advanced and other controls Exit Elementor Editor to a specific […]

Freedom From Mold, Sven Hosford’s Mold Exposure Survival Story and New Business

Sven Hosford, Freedom From Mold Podcast

How Exposure to Mold Grew Into A Business and Web Design, Sven Hosford and I met years ago.  It was an instant and good connection.  We shared many common interests and acquaintances, both being active in the Western Pennsylvania wellness community.  Our initial connection was through his publication “Light of Life” and my real […]

SEO Research before Building a website

Squirrly SEO plugin for Word Press

Do the SEO research first! Before we get into the nitty-gritty of SEO, let’s discuss what it is. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a way of making a website more visible in search engines when people look for certain keywords related to your business. If you own a bakery and […]

Holton Healing Arts – A Very Special Website Design Development Process

Holton Healing Arts Logo

When A Website Design Development is More Than A Standard Project Imagine building a brand new website that has three unique product offering, an online school,  a new podcast,  incorporates an existing ads-based sales funnel, Active Campaign integration, requires 18 new landing pages, is a complete brand refresh and must be released within a limited […]

The Best Free SEO Tools for Your Blog

The Best Free SEO Tools for Your Blog

Attract new customers to your brand with the best free SEO tools: Google Trends, Ubersuggest, and Google’s Autocomplete, and People Also Ask.   You likely have a regular blog if you’ve listened to Josh’s advice at Great Things, LLC. (If you don’t, let’s schedule a call to get you started asap.) This builds your brand […]

Website Rebuilds: The How, Why and When to do it

Website Rebuilds

Website Rebuilds, Is it Time for your Site to get an update? The beginning of this year as been filled with web site rebuilds and content updates for many clients.  This works is our current focus and a part of the typical customer journey with their online presence.     It is also informing and […]

Introducing Marney Mallory, The newest team member

Meet Marney Mallory

Marney Mallory Joins the Great Things LLC Team, Web Development I am very excited to share the news about our team’s expansion.   There has been a need for web development and support for some time.   The right candidate hadn’t materialized until now.  I was introduced to Marney Mallory by my partner, Katy Jo. […]

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