A Resource Page for Those Affected By Flooding in Harmony, Zelienople & Surrounding Areas.

Rising Above the Waters - A benefit concert

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If you need financial or other help, please submit your information and requests for what ever type of assistance you need. 

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This page has been created to help connect those that need help with those that can help and have been impacted by the recent flooding of May 29th, 2019.    It was inspired and directed by a group of 30+ local residents, business owners and municipal leaders that met on June 6, 2019.     This group focused on 3 main topics:

  • Coordinating Volunteers and Services with those in Need of Assistance.
    • Help with Clearing Out Debris and Flood Damage
    • Help with Cleaning Up, Disinfecting and General Household Work
    • Financial Assistance:   Direct or Referred.    
  • Fundraising Efforts, to benefit individuals, businesses and community service and emergency responders
  • Establishing and Improving Community-based (Non Governmental) Response Plans and Protocols. 

The information you provide here will be sent to a group of community members, churches, local businesses that will help to coordinate resources and support.   At the moment, the focus is to provide immediate relief to anyone in the area impacted by the flooding.    

This information will only be retained until August 1, 2019.    At which time, it will be determined how or if this community group will continue.  Please complete the appropriate form below to submit your request, offer of support/volunteer or other information. 

A list of Helpful Resources, Agencies and more is being considered

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Resources & Agencies

Grace Church of Harmony

GCOH has provided meals during times of flooding, has meeting space and an active congregation that is willing and able to provide assistance. 

Team Rubicon

Disaster recovery, migration and restoration services.   All Volunteer based.  

Harmony Fire District 22

Local Firefighters and Emergency Services Personnel.   If you have an emergency, please dial 911

Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration


If your property has been affected by the rain and snow, Panhandle can help. We’ll get rid of all the standing water, and then we’ll fix whatever caused the problem—whether it was caused by a burst pipe, damaged roof, or improper insulation. We’ll also restore any damaged contents and provide any necessary reconstruction services. Our emergency response servicesinclude:

– Flood water extraction and dehumidification
Contents restoration
– Structural cleaning and reconstruction
Mold prevention and remediation

Gary Pintado, Commercial / Development Manager 

Butler County Emergency Services

Butler County Emergency Services is a vital link to the public and all emergency service providers.  Our mission is to provide County of Butler residents, guests, businesses and industries, non-profit organizations, and municipal governments the education and support necessary to reduce the loss of life and human suffering; to minimize property damage; and to protect environmental vulnerable areas from all types of emergencies through a comprehensive, risk-based, all-hazard emergency management program. 

Steven R Bicehouse, Director

Disaster Restoration Services of Greater Pittsburgh

Disaster relief/ emergency restoration

Our team moves quickly to keep your home from further damage during a disaster. We temporarily board up your home, brace structures if needed, and much more.

Flood Waste and Cleanup Resources Butler County

This information is provided by Butler County and you can download/print a PDF , click here. 


Northwest Sanitary Landfill

1436 West Sunbury Road West Sunbury— 724.637.3552

Seneca Landfill

421 Hartmann Road Evans City— 724.625.9000

***Also, call your waste hauler to verify what they will accept curbside with your regular trash collection.


(Call for details on what they accept)

Goettler Distributing—153 Hindman Rd, Butler 724.283.1455       724.287.5147

Garvin Auto Salvage—130 Franklin Dr., Sarver 724.353.3096

MRC Scrap—201 Kittanning St., Butler 724.285.5865

Soose Auto Wrecking—104 Swamp Run Rd., Butler 724.283.0700

Local salvage yards and auto wreckers in Butler County accept assorted metals and some may pay by the pound for various types.


Your curbside waste hauler may offer curbside hazard- ous waste pickup service. Call your hauler for more information.

ECS&R—129 Ash Stop Rd, Evans City 1.866.815.0016


Recycling Products & Services—Gibsonia 724.443.6250

Back to Nature—840 Mercer Rd, Butler 724.287.7921

Beaver County Compost Site / Recycling Center

Brady’s Run Park, Brighton Twp., 724.770.2064

Seneca Landfill Compost Site Hartmann Rd, Evans City 724.625.9000


Call your waste hauler to see what they will accept curbside.

There are many companies that will conduct cleanup services. The following are just two of those who pro- vide general cleanup services:

Jurassic Junk Removal – info@jurassic-junk.com  877.595.5865

1-800-GOT-JUNK (1.800.468.5865)


(Call to verify what they accept)

ECS&R—129 Ash Stop Rd, Evans City 1.866.815.0016

Best Buy Electronics -all stores Cranberry store 724.778.8300


Maven Technologies – www.maventech.com

Board of Butler County Commissioners

Leslie A. Osche, Chairman Kimberly D. Geyer, V.-Chairman

Resources for More Cleanup and Safety Information:

American Red Cross—www.redcross.org

Center for Disease Control and Prevention  cdc.gov

Fact Sheet for Disaster Cleanup—www.cdc.gov/disasters/cleanup/facts.html

Protection Agency—www.epa.gov

Federal Emergency Management Agency-www.fema.gov

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency—www.pema.gov

Pa. Department of Environmental Protection—https://www.dep.pa.gov
Spills and other emergencies should be reported immediately to DEP by telephone to 814-332-6945 (business hours) or 800-373-3398 (after hours) or by calling 1-800-541-2050 (Statewide Number for Emergencies).

Butler Co. Dept. of Recycling & Waste Mgt.

Phone 724.284.5305 / www.recyclebutler.us

Got Resources or Suggestions?

Do you or your company have resources or provide assistance to victims of natural disasters?

Please prove that information here and we will share it with the public on this page.