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Josh Meeder Conscious Business Consultant

A Conscious Approach:

Work, Family, Life, Self Care and Spirituality are not separate parts of your life.   They should be an integrated and intention mosaic that is aligned with your passions and dreams.  Whether you are starting a new business, or looking to optimize an existing one, the most important resource is you!  Your well being, resiliency, joy and focus are the foundation to creating long lasting, sustainable success. 


I help small business owners and entrepreneurs identify, define and work towards the best versions of themselves.

Finding & Charting Your Path

You are unique

People, fingerprints & snowflakes are all unique. You holistic plan to life, work and family should be as well. There are no cookie cutter approaches or plans, let's figure out what makes you "uniquely you."

Success looks different for everyone

Just as people are unique, everyone's definition of success and happiness is different. Whether you are looking to build a success business, optimize your process, sell a business or shift towards a more relaxed lifestyle, I can help you clarify, define and work towards your version of success.

You Are the Creator of your own Destiny

It all starts with you! For some, that may seem scary or intimidating. Personally, I think that is empowering. "Radical Self-Responsibility" is a concept that I share and deeply espouse.
If you are ready and committed, you can create your own destiny.

Aligned Personal Values

Alignment is not a concept most consultants consider. I believe it is critical to your success and fulfillment. Aligning you personal, spiritual and financial goals will accelerate you towards your objectives. As well as making the journey much more rewarding.

The Process

Authenticity & Integrity

I believe the foundation of any successful relationships or engagement is based on these two concepts, Authenticity & Integrity.  And that starts with getting real with yourself.    

My unique background and experience provides me with iron-clad understanding of most business, marketing strategy and project needs.   You can rest assured that your company and it’s brand image are in qualified hands.    
Integrated services including photography, video,  web design, creative graphic services, consulting, operational improvement and marketing  streamline the delivery of effective solutions for you and your business.  
Whether you need a full overhaul of your marketing strategy or just help with a spaceecific campaign, my experience and breath of knowledge are invaluable assets to have in your toolbox.   I can lead the charge or plug in to assist your current team.   The focus is always on you and you goals.   Just trust and following the process:    dream. collaborate. create. 

The Right Tools For Building Your Future

Conscious Business Consulting

Creating Alignment between your personal values and business goals. Balance, Authenticity and Radical Self Responsibility are what you can expect to develop.

Inspired Marketing

Understanding, Reaching & Engaging your audience is critical in any small business. Together, we will create an inspired and comprehensive marketing strategy.

Web Design & Graphic Design

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Video Production & Editing

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Professional Photography

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