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de·sign |dəˈzīn | noun

to create, fashion, execute, or construct according to plan

Get The Results You Want.
Bring Your Vision to Life.

When it comes to Website Design and Development for small businesses, having a great website isn’t a “nice to have” it’s a “need to have.”

In just one click, your website forms an immediate and lasting impression with current and potential customers. We help you manage every aspect of the creative and technical process to help bring your vision and your website to life.

Your website should show people who you are and what you have to offer. Our process is designed to craft a clear, engaging website that gets you the results you want and sets you apart from your competition.

We provide you with the tools you need to build your success

Responsive Web Design

My background as a business owner and my team of experts is what sets Great Things LLC apart from other web design companies. By understanding your business, we will make recommendations and suggestions that are based on the needs and objectives of your business, not just a pretty website.

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Research and Design

Discovery Call

We start with a discovery call.


In this no-obligation meeting, we will ask you about your business, values, brand, and expectations. The purpose is to learn your voice and what your needs are. We will inquire about past, current, and future business plans.

Tell us what has worked and what hasn’t.


Don’t worry about preparing, we will walk through this process with you.


At this meeting, we will make some suggestions on what platforms, technologies, trends, and practices could be beneficial for you.

We make our full recommendations to you within a week of the meeting.

SEO Strategy Plan

Before we begin ANY development, we will research your industry, business, Google trends, relative keyword and phrases, and other things specifically related to your business or offer.

Website Wireframe Design

The wireframe is an illustration of the layout, pages, navigation, functionality, and content sections of the proposed website. The wireframe is a helpful visual tool to make sure we all are on the same page.

Hosting, Domain, and other Tech Solutions

This broad summary provides you with an understanding of what you will need and meets your budget.

Development Proposal

The cost, time, requirements and plan to get your website live and online.

Kick Off Meeting

Once you have reviewed and accepted the proposal, we dive into the project! 


In the “Kick-Off Meeting,” our team will review the plan, address any final questions, and lay out the development process. The milestones are established and we identify how much you will provide or participate.

  1. Sign The Contract
  2. Establish or Access Hosting and Domain
  3. Review Branding and Brand Identity
  4. Get information such as social media accounts, Google Related Information (Analytics, Search Console, ReCaptcha, My Business, etc) and other online accounts.

Let's build the website you've always wanted

SEO Research Begins

Content is King! And it needs to be written for the consumer AND the search engines. This will also inform our web design, layout, and approach. This is the most crucial step in the entire development process.


An interview is set up with you and a team member. This will take about an hour and we will delve into your business, what makes you unique, your competition, your products or services, and what keywords you want traffic for.


Our team hits the internet and does the research. It is shocking what we may discover. Many times our clients aren’t aware of what search terms are working and which ones literally don’t have any searches. You will learn a ton and it WILL change how you produce your online content.


A SEO Strategy Document will be produced and reviewed with you within a week.

Once approved, we move forward to the development stage.

Development Begins

We handle this in the background, you continue to run your business.


Set up Word Press and related themes, plugins, automations and services


Build the site structure to the wireframe AND SEO Strategy Document for initial review and sign off

Install Branding: Fonts, Logos, Icons, and brand guidelines

Iterative Review(s)

The development process is a “Process.” We will check in and share our progress throughout the process. This allows you input and reduces any surprises at the end. We believe in collaboration so deeply, that it is in our motto, “dream. collaborate. create.”


Your feedback is important and we will also be training you on how you can update and make changes to your site. Our goal is to empower you to have control and confidence in having a nimble, elegant presences on the web.

Site Launch/Go Live

This is what we are all working towards, releasing your site into the wilds of the Internet.

Schedule a free initial consultation

It’s free!  You have nothing to lose.  So schedule your free 30 minute consultation. What are you waiting for?


Support and Maintain

Stay Safe and Updated

WordPress is a flexible and fantastic tool. However, there is one major drawback. WP, its plugins, and themes are constantly being updated. These updates improve functionality and harden security vulnerabilities. If you don’t update your site regularly, at least monthly, you run the risk of malware, hacks, broken functions, or worse.  

Services Available:

3 Website Support and Maintenance Options to Choose From

Website Support and Maintenance Option 1
Website Support and Maintenance Option 2
Website Support and Maintenance Option 3

Updating your site

Empowerment is what we believe in. Your website is your online representation to the world. You should not and cannot wait for a web developer to make changes. Business shifts fast and you need to be able to respond.


You have complete administrative access to your site. Always, no exceptions. Period! You can add users and staff to your WP site to make updates. And we are here to support you.


During the development process, Great Things LLC will show you how to sign on and update your site’s contents, events, and images. Our tools are user-friendly, simple, flexible, and intuitive. This empowers you to keep your site up to date and helps you save money.


If you would rather have us take care of it, you only need to email us. We are happy to do that and allow you to focus on your business.


Whichever method you prefer, you are always in the driver’s seat when it comes to your website and online presence.

Improve and Optimize


At Great Things LLC, we KNOW small businesses and entrepreneurs.


Business, Social Trends, and Technology are ALWAYS changing. Your online presence and marketing campaigns must keep pace with those changes. No matter what metrics you use to gauge success, we can help improve your results.


Monthly and quarterly reviews will keep the focus on your results. We will recommend and help make adjustments as you need. Our relationship doesn’t stop once your site is live. In fact, most of our clients have been with us for over 5 years!


Websites and search results take time to build and collect data. It can take 2 weeks to several months to gain a clear picture of what is happening in the “real world.”


Great Things LLC employs the same SEO tools and techniques to optimize as we do to develop a site. This brings uniformity to the process, as well as an objective standard for the initial requirements to be met.

Meet our Team

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Creating “Great Things” is a result of working with great people, both associates and clients! The team is aligned with the company’s values:

Integrity, Creativity, Authenticity, Exploration and Enjoyment of Life.


Our differing skillsets empower, support, and encourage one another. 


We are independent and adventurous people that value building relationships and community.  We understand the “why” of your business and keep your mission at the forefront of all we do. 


We take great pride and responsibility is representing you and your brand to the world. 

Kimberly McElhatten

Copywriting and SEO Research
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Elizabeth "Milo" Milo

Web, Graphic Design and Marketing
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