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Get the coaching, consulting, and strategic business solutions to ignite your full potential in business and life.

Professional Success Through Personal Breakthrough

Have you settled?

Settling for complacency and mediocrity is easy until we realize we’re living in the ashes of what could have been, barely smoldering through life without passion, purpose, and true, meaningful success.  When we settle, most of us wake up in mid-life feeling… 

  • trapped living a life we never intended, 
  • stuck in a struggling business or career,  
  • unfocused and directionless, and 
  • scared of what might happen if we don’t make a change.   

Imagine if you didn’t.

It’s never too late to accept radical responsibility for where you’ve landed. It’s never too late to accept the call to transform your life. When you reach for more, you ignite a fire to… 

  • Explore a limitless life of alignment and intention,  
  • Discover a fulfilling business or career overflowing with passion and purpose, 
  • Decide where you’re headed and how you’ll get there—on your terms, and 
  • Experience joy and excitement in your relationships. 
Josh Meeder sitting red scarf blue shirt, Great Things LLC, Photo: Michael Cannon Photography

It’s Your Time. Live the Life You Crave.

We’re Your Guide.

“I’m proud to mentor conscious leaders making a vital impact on their communities and the planet.” 

I’m Josh, founder of Great Things LLC. A former multi-million dollar entrepreneur turned transformation and business coach, dedicated to helping you align your personal passions with your professional life.   

When you become a client, you become part of the Great Things LLC family. The first thing we’ll do is book an exploration call, where we will pinpoint the exact troubles in your current life or business, and zero in on an actionable, clear path to the business and life you crave.  

We’re a caring, trusted team of coaches and business experts ready to support you and get you where you want to go. From transformation coaching to business consulting to strategic business solutions, we’re your team.  

Great Things LLC has helped hundreds of people and small business owners ignite their way to a clear, proven path for transformation, helping them align with the business and life they crave. Our path will work for you, too.    

It’s your time. Let’s make it happen. 

Ready for the business and life you want?

Get the high-level coaching, consulting, and strategic solutions to create it.

It’s time to let go of complacency and fear. It’s time to embrace change and transformation. It’s time to ignite your full potential. In business and life. Get there with our proven, three-tier system.  

Transformational Coaching

Get ready for the massive transformation. For all who are ready to step into 100% alignment with their passion and purpose. Embark on a journey, using our proven path to transformation.
Ideal for new entrepreneurs, seasoned business leaders and executives, high-performing professionals all searching to ignite the sparks of deep, lasting change.


Grow a profitable business while staying true to values. Discover how with Great Things LLC and our conscious business consulting. Strategy and Leadership Support. Financials. Mindset. Mentoring & More.

Strategic Business Solutions

Get Strategic Business Solutions to scale a profitable business of impact that gives you personal and financial freedom. Solutions include marketing, website development, SEO research, copywriting, online course building, and project management.

Book an Exploration Session with Josh.

Who We Are

At Great Things LLC, we kindle a world of radically self-responsible, compassionate leaders who transform lives.  We offer transformational coaching, business consulting, and strategic support to help leaders align their personal passions and professional lives.  

We believe that success happens when clients commit to personal and professional transformation and radical self-responsibility. 

Meet Our Team

Josh Meeder, Founder of Great Things LLC

Josh Meeder

Owner & Business Strategist

Kimberly McElhatten, Copywriting and SEO Research

Kimberly McElhatten

SEO & Content Strategist

Ellizabeth Milo, Web Designer and Project Manager

Elizabeth Milo

Web Developer & Project Manager

Tyler Hoffman, Graphic Design and Administrative Support

Tyler Hoffman

Graphic Design & Admin Support

We Work With


Business owners ready for more profit and more impact.

Change Makers

Industry Disruptors making massive change in their communities.


Givers looking to leave a lasting legacy.

Business Executives

Leaders ready to transcend what’s possible.

Real Results. Real People. Real Transformation.

Great Things Insights

Get actionable business tips, tech solutions, and mindset tools to uplevel your personal and professional lives. Also read real case studies that highlight the success our clients experience.  

Great Things Podcast

Discover people and businesses making an impact on their communities. Listen to their stories and be inspired to live an intentional, passionate life of transformation.   

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