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Hi, I'm

Josh Meeder

I know what it’s like to want more from life. 

By the time I was 24, I had built and let go of a multi-million-dollar business. I had been married, had a son, and went through a divorce. I had also climbed my way up the corporate ladder to a director’s position only to be laid off in the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

Then, the woman I loved suffered a fatal asthma attack. Unable to revive her with CPR, I experienced a trauma and loss that pushed me to my darkest moment.  

One week after her funeral service, I was offered a lifeline in the form of a plant medicine ceremony.  This one experience changed everything and became the foundation for my transformation.

Determined to prioritize life over business, I started over. 

Years earlier, I bought a run-down 1875 opera house in my hometown and began renovating it. Through this process, I discovered mindset shifts, essential self-care tools, and a conscious business model focused on collaboration, community, and economic development.

Today, I’m a trusted authority in conscious business leadership and psychedelic integration. I’ve helped hundreds of people create purposeful businesses and meaningful, connected lives. 

I’ve collected a powerful group of kind, conscious leaders so that when you hire Great Things LLC, you get a team of business and marketing experts dedicated to your success in both business and life. 

  • Built an $85 million insurance and financial service company that employed 150 people at 23 locations that ranked in the top 5% sales, nationally. 
  • Managed $65 million merchandising and marketing projects and oversaw the design, engineering, protyping, financial, and production departments.
  • Directed a $25 million custom enterprise software development and implementation project.
  • Mentored hundreds of individuals and small business owners to get clarity and alignment in their purpose and offers, and live balanced, fulfilling lives. 
  • Coached and helped launch 30+ women-owned businesses through my opera house investment and community building efforts

Inspiring Conscious Leadership. Radical Responsibility. Balanced Living.

Without The Guesswork, Faking It 'Til You Make It, Or Hustle

Vision & Possibility

Dream Big. See beyond the horizon. Think beyond conventional limits. Pursue the extraordinary.

Radical Self-Responsibility

Radical self-responsibility is the path to reinvention. When we take complete ownership of our actions and decisions, we are the architects of our own destiny.

Authenticity & Integrity

Integrity is the bedrock of our work. Alignment with our values guides us to serve our clients, ourselves, and our communities without asking them to compromise theirs.

Bravery & Resilience

We value the courage to confront challenges, the bravery to make bold decisions, and the resilience to move forward through obstacles.

Mindfulness and Reflection

Introspection and conscious awareness allow us to respond to the complexities of life and work with purpose and insight.

Connection & Curiosity

We foster connection and open dialogue in a world often marked by binary divisions. We hold space for opposing views, both internally and externally. Genuine curiosity opens doors and bridges divides.

Personal Empowerment

We nurture a space where dreaming and achieving are connected. We empower clients with the tools, mindset, and confidence to take bold action to realize their dreams.

Holistic Growth & Perspectives

Because personal and professional success are intertwined, we use a holistic approach to gain perspective. All effective leaders must see the forest amid the trees, understanding how their skills, mindsets, and habits impact their overall growth, satisfaction, and success.

Community Impact

Our transformative work creates a ripple that spreads from individuals to teams to companies to communities, contributing to a healthier, more compassionate society.  

Meet The Team

of business and marketing experts

Josh Meeder

Founder & Leader

A lifelong entrepreneur and corporate leader, Josh has helped hundreds of people realize their dreams of business owners, achieve fulfillment in careers and make radical personal transformations in their personal lives.

Kimberly McElhatten

Lead SEO & Content Strategist

With over a decade of experience, Kimberly helps writers and entrepreneurs clarify their communication strategy, drive revenue with great SEO and copywriting, and disrupt their industries. Our clients value her energy, deep knowledge, results-focused approach, and clear communication style.

Elizabeth Milo

Web Design & Development, Project Management, and Operations

Milo has experience in creative project management across a variety of industries. She loves the opportunity to bring together beautiful designs with thoughtful user journeys for our clients. Doubling as your project manager, she will get your project across the finish line joyfully and painlessly.

Tyler Hoffman

Graphic Design & Executive Assistant

Tyler offers a focus on marketing and development for Great Things LLC clients. With a background in conservation and experience in both government and non-government organizations, she is able to offer quality results catered to your brand and audience.

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