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dream. collaborate. create.

You have dreams and ideas on what you want your future to be.   Or maybe you just know that you need to make a change.  Wherever you are at, change is possible and is waiting for your to make it your reality.  It’s time to dream, collaborate and create!
  • Do you have an idea for a new business?
  • Have you started a business and want to grow or expand?
  • Are you thinking of changing careers?
  • Are your marketing efforts and brand falling short of your expectations?
  • Do you want to create more time and financial freedom?
If you answered “YES” to any of these questions,  you don’t have to do it alone.   Together, we will create a framework and a plan to achieve your goals.   As a life long entrepreneur, business owner, marketing executive, and community leader,  you can leverage my experience and network to build your dreams.   I have helped launch dozens of small businesses and a few large corporations.
Small business owners and entrepreneurs face both unique and common challenges.   Whether you already own a business or if you thinking of starting one, Josh Meeder can be a significant part of your success.   He his approach and philosophy of how to make “Great Things” happen every day. 

Working with Josh

Dr. Cotey Jordan is a success chiropractor, author, speaker and success coach.  He has worked with Josh on numerous project, mainly video production for online courses and marketing.  

Custom Video production has included onsite and remote video shoots, as well as editing and publication. 

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Family Chiropractic 
Inspired to Be Healthy
Pittsburgh Migraine Challenge

Kimberly Morrow and Elizabeth DuPont Spencer, of AnxietyTraining.com, began working with Josh several years ago. Together they created and built a website as a central park of an overall marketing strategy to expand their training and online support for therapists and counselors. The partnership has been a success.

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Anxiety Training
Thinkific Online Courses

Identify, Describe and Achieve your Dreams. Get help with dreams with Josh Meeder and Great Things LLC.


What is your biggest dream? Is it to travel, retire, make more money, improve your health, connect with your spirit?

What is holding you back?  Is it fear, self doubt, lack of time or resources?  In my years in business, I have found that fear kills more dreams than anything else.


Success is built with teamwork and collaboration.   Going it alone isn’t a feasible nor an effective option.   Once we have identified your dreams, we will explore both your network and mine to build the best team to ensure your success.


Now the fun begins!  It is time to build that life that you have wanted.   Plans are simply that, plans.   It is the decision to act that is the spark to ignite the change.   It needs to be clear and unequivocal.    You will be successful and understand the commitment that is needed. So go, create!

Flexible Solutions.
When & Where you need them.

Speed,  adaptability, mobility and deep insights are what you need and can expect. Whether is it onsite or remote, I am ready to support your growth and success.

Anytime. Anywhere.

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From start up to turn around, I help businesses identify, develop and follow the path to success.    

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Whether you need to create a brand image, need help getting your message out or attracting more customers, We can develop a marketing approach that fits your needs. 

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See what a difference professional photography can mean for your business.   Whether it is product, food, headshots, real estate or event photography, I capture the essence and the vibe of the moment.  

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Whether you have the footage and need it compiled or want to create a video from scratch, I can help.  Custom video is the most affective way to get your message out.  I have taught many of my clients how to create their own videos and content.  

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Your website is the first thing most people see.  Does it adequately represent you, your brand, your company or mission?   Are people able to find it?   If it doesn’t, let’s fix that!    
As a successful real estate investor and serial entrepreneur, I can help guide you through and make objective decisions of various investment strategies. 

Save on your Hosting and Website Costs.

Great Things LLC is now an Authorized GoDaddy Reseller.     Get the same great products, support and services at a significant savings.   Great Things LLC can now provide this option to any one or any business that is in need of Hosting, SSL, Email, Security Solutions, Back Up and other mission critical web related products and services. 

consulting. coaching. mentorship for positive change.

Helping people identify, analyze and over come the limitations in their business, marketing and work/life balance.

Here are just a few businesses I have helped grow.

What People are Saying...

"He is knowledgeable, friendly, reasonable priced, and teaches us the skills we need to be successful business owners. He has helped our business become the success it is today."
" If there are business plan challenges he is the first to offer a clear plan of attack and goes beyond brainstorming to help implement the new directive. When it comes to organizing staff he has an uncanny ability to recognize the capabilities of individuals and positions them to excel."
Heidi J
Designer, Business Owner
"And anyone else who has worked with him can attest to his intellect, his ethic and his passion..."
John Schreiber
John S
Creative Director
"He understands my vision. He has helped me build my brand." "Choosing Josh to build my website was the best business decision I have ever made. Josh is creative, talented, patient, and thorough. Josh is very intuitive
"Josh Meeder has been our virtual webmaster and marketing director for over 2 years and we couldn't be happier."
"Working with Josh was always easy. He is a step-ahead thinker while at the same time paying very close attention to the present work load. His leadership skills shine through even under very tense and fast pace project leadtimes. Josh always kept his cool and never neglected the goal ahead."
Conor Killeen
Connor K
Prototype Engineer