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For new and established, values-driven small business owners & entrepreneurs

Grow a Successful Business of Impact with Conscious Business Consulting


You have a clear view of of your personal values and want to start or grow a business aligned with them. 

You offer exceptional goods or services and want to make a lasting impact on your community and planet. 

Get the exact business skills you need to achieve success, fulfilment, and happiness in life and business with Great Things LLC

Use our proven, three-part process, “Dream. Collaborate. Create.” to identify and align your personal values with your business practices.  

With Conscious Business Consulting, you’ll never doubt if your business is aligned with your lifestyle goals and personal values.  

Get small business and entrepreneurial support with…

  • Conscious Business Consulting and Design
  • Inspired Marketing Strategies
  • Great Things Accelerator Membership & Community
  • Website Development
  • Customer Discovery and SEO research
Discover what’s possible for you and your business with the Great Things LLC on your business team.  


To create a vast community of successful, conscious entrepreneurs that are a force for improving the world and their communities.


To help people discover the best versions of themselves, align their business or career, and build a community of passionate, self-aware, & conscientious individuals that make a difference in their communities and the world.

Conscious Business Consulting

From $200 / Per Month

Align your personal values and lifestyle with your business and career goals.

Conscious Business Consulting is for...

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Individuals in the process of starting a business, seeking guidance and support to lay a solid foundation for their new venture.  
  • Forward-Thinking Business Owners: Existing business owners who aspire to transform their operations, aligning them with their values and unlocking new levels of success.
  • Visionary Leaders and Employers: Those who recognize the power of building an intentional and dynamic culture within their organizations, fostering growth and fulfillment for themselves and their teams.
  • Individuals Seeking Personalized Guidance: Anyone in search of one-on-one consulting and accountability, tailored to their unique goals and aspirations.

At Great Things LLC, we are dedicated to serving the diverse needs of individuals and businesses alike, providing comprehensive support and guidance at every stage of your journey.

Great Things Accelerator

From $200 / Per Month

Get everything you need to start and grow a successful business inside our membership, The Great Things Accelerator (GTA). 

Great Things Accelerator is for ...

  • New & Aspiring Small Business Owners: Contemplating or actively starting a business? Get the resources, guidance, and supportive community to navigate your business journey successfully while avoiding the costly mistakes most new business owners make.
  • Struggling Business Owners: Stressing over cashflow, time management, lead generation, or burnout? Get practical solutions and proven-strategies to address these challenges (and more) head-on while growing your business.
  • Enthusiastic Learners and Community Seekers: Owning a business can be lonely. Join a supportive online community that fosters growth, collaboration, and continuous learning.

The Accelerator is a fantastic way to gain access to the Great Things LLC Team, their deep knowledge, and decades of experience at an affordable monthly cost. Accelerate your learn curve, reduce costly mistakes, and gain peace of mind knowing you have a solid foundation and plan for success.


From $200 / Per Month

Get a website that done right and build to grow your authority and expand your business potential. 

We build websites for...

  • Professionals: Wellness practitioners, Mental Health Counselors, Law firms, accounting firms,  agencies, and healers.
  • Creatives: Artists, photographers, designers, writers, and musicians.
  • Local businesses: Small businesses such as salons, retail stores, wellness centers, restaurants, cafes, and yoga studios.
  • Nonprofits: Charities, foundations, and nonprofit organizations.
  • Freelancers and Solopreneurs: Individual professionals such as writers, designers, consultants, and coaches.
  • Online Content Creators: Bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, and influencers.

Our Web Design Services create an online presence to showcase your expertise, attract clients, showcase portfolios, monetize social media channels, sell your services and create a cohesive brand feel. 

Conscious Business Consulting

Traditional business consulting often disregards personal values, ethics, and lifestyle aspirations. This frequently results in business owners making significant sacrifices to boost profits, ultimately compromising their ethics and well-being. Business consulting that neglects personal needs and values is both ineffective and unwise.

Introducing Conscious Business Consulting, a proven holistic approach that harmonizes your business vision and daily operations with your core values. By embracing this approach, you can shape the life you desire while making a meaningful impact on your community and the planet.

Accelerator Membership Group

Do you have an idea for a new business? Have you started a business and want to grow or expand? Are you thinking of changing careers?
If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you don’t have to do it alone. Together, we will create a framework and a plan to achieve your goals. As a lifelong entrepreneur, business owner, marketing executive, and community leader, you can leverage my experience and network to build your dreams. I have helped launch dozens of small businesses and a few large corporations.

Website Development & Design

Websites that work. Websites done right. From SEO to copywriting to design and development, let the Great Things team design a website that works for your business. Get ongoing support and optimization to ensure continued business growth and success.

What people are saying...

Experience matters.

Highlights from a 30-year career of helping others grow & thrive.

My unique background and experience provides me with iron-clad understanding of most business, marketing strategy and project needs.   You can rest assured that your company and its brand image are in qualified hands.    

Our comprehensive range of services, including video production, SEO research, web design, consulting, operational improvement, and marketing, seamlessly come together to ensure efficient and effective solutions for you and your business.

Whether you need a full overhaul of your marketing strategy or just help with a specific campaign, my breadth of knowledge is an invaluable asset to have in your toolbox. I can lead the charge or plug-in to assist your current team. The focus is always on you and you goals. 
Josh Meeder Conscious Business Consultant

dream. collaborate. create. 

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Meet The Team

Josh Meeder, Hiking on a mountain top in Alaska

Josh Meeder


Kim McElhatten

SEO Specialist
Content Strategist
Marketing & Writing Coach

Elizabeth Milo

Web Design
Graphic Design
User experience

Tyler Hoffman

Tyler Hoffman

Client Admin Support
Graphic Design
Social Media Management
Marketing and Communication

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