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A Conscious Approach:

Meaningful success in life is a beautiful mosaic, intentionally designed.


A mosaic, carefully pieced together your passions & aspirations with your work, family, and relationships, while bringing them into balance with your values, self-care practices, and spirituality.


It’s time to cultivate sustainable, enduring success that nurtures all of you.


Whether you’re embarking on a new business venture or seeking to enhance an existing one, business consulting recognizes that YOU are the most valuable resource.

Finding & Charting Your Path

you are unique

Just as people, fingerprints, and snowflakes are all inherently unique, so should be your holistic approach to life, work, and family.

There are are no cookie-cutter approaches or one-size-fits-all plans. It's time to embrace and discover what makes you "uniquely you."

Together, let's craft a personalized strategy that honors your individuality and empowers you to thrive in every aspect of your life.

Success looks different for everyone

Just as people are unique, everyone's definition of success and happiness is unique.

Whether you are looking to build a success business, optimize your process, sell a business, or shift towards a more relaxed lifestyle, let's clarify, define and work towards your version of success.

You are the creator of your own destiny

It all starts with you!

At first, this may feel daunting, but it's an empowering mindset shift.

Taking "Radical Self-Responsibility" means intentionally creating the business you want and the life you crave to live.

Ready and committed to a self-made destiny?

aligned personal values

Accelerator your growth and success by aligning your personal, spiritual, and financial aspirations.

Most coaches and consultants ignore this critical aspect of success. However, it is this very thing that makes success without sacrifice possible.


Authenticity & Integrity

My unique background and experience, including conscious business coaching, provide me with an iron-clad understanding of most business, marketing strategy, and project needs.  When you work with me, you can rest assured that your company and its brand image are in qualified hands.

Our comprehensive range of services, including video production, SEO research, web design, consulting, operational improvement, and marketing, seamlessly come together to ensure efficient and effective solutions for you and your business.

I’m here to serve you and your business and personal aspirations.  I can lead the charge or plug in to assist your current team. The focus is always on you and your goals. All you need to do is trust the process and follow along: dream, collaborate, and create.

Let’s work together, incorporating business consulting, to make great things happen for you and your business!

The Right Tools For Building Your Future

Conscious Business Consulting

Create alignment between your personal values and business goals. Develop balance, authenticity and radical self-responsiblity.

Owning and scaling a successful business venture should support your lifestyle and values. It shouldn’t overrun them.

You’ve likely watched a friend get buried in their work, committed to long hours and weekends at a significant cost to their relationships and happiness.  Or, maybe this is where you are. Overworked and overcommitted.

For many, the dream of owning a business comes with the desire for more personal freedom and a dream to make a bigger impact without costly sacrifices. Conscious Business consulting supports that desire and dream.


We begin with a lifestyle and values assessment so you can build or shift your business to support and nurture them. From there, we’ll take a close look at your skillsets to determine where you’ll need onboard  help so that you stay in your zone of genius.


Bring your business into alignment with your lifestyle, values, skillset, and conscious business consulting so you never have to compromise your relationships or values to grow.

Inspired Marketing Consulting

Design a comprehensive marking plan with proven-strategies for sustainable, scalable growth.

Understanding, reaching & engaging your audience is critical in any small business. Together, we will create an inspired, comprehensive marketing strategy to grow your business and impact.


Many small business owners make the mistake of trying to do all the things when it comes to marketing. Being on every social media platform. Running ads. Maintaining a blog. Doing a podcast.


Starting a Youtube Channel. Giving away freebies. Going to every convention or tradeshow. 


The truth is that when you do all the things you can’t do any of them well.


We’ll build a marketing strategy that aligns your values, skillset, and conscious business consulting with your customers’ preferences.


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Great Things LLC

Principal:    March 2009 – Present     Harmony, PA & Midway, KY



Great Things LLC offers services in business consulting, project management, process improvement and real estate investing.

Additionally, I specialize in providing marketing services & consultation of brand strategies, as well as photography, videography, web design and social media campaigns.

The Center of Harmony

Founder:    October 2011 – December 2022    Harmony, PA

The Center of Harmony is a group of collaborating businesses housed in an old opera house in Harmony, PA who are focused on preserving the environment, strengthening the community and empowering people to live healthy, happy lives. This is a place where positive, forward-thinking and dynamic people come together to thrive and grow.

Since its inception, The Center of Harmony has launched almost 30 small businesses, with over 90% being women owned.

King Retail Solutions

National Accounts Manager:   April 2014 – December 2014 



Sold custom store design and engineered to order merchandising display systems for national retail, grocery, and C-store accounts.  Client contract for all design, prototype, engineer, pricing, contracting, installation and account related items. 



Account Executive:  March 2010 –October 2010 Pittsburgh, PA

IDL Worldwide

Dir. of Process Improvement  June 2008–January 2009      East Butler, PA

Established process flow, and associated technologies, to promote colloraboration between Account Managers, Designers, Engineers, Drafters, Estimators, Project Managers, Production Leaders, Purchasing, Logistics, Print Managers and Distribution.

IDL Worldwide

Dir. of Client ServicesJanuary 2003 – June 2008
East Butler, PA<

Managed diverse departments, at various times, consisting of designers, engineers, draftsmen, prototype, estimating, project managers and production product support personnel.
Lead the IT team to develop an integrate project management and sales forecasting web application.
Led and participated in cost of poor quality metrics, 5S, Kaizen event, and other manufacturing productivity improvements.

 Applied Systems

Project Director July 2001 –October 2002
Chicago, IL

Moraine Group, Inc

Chief Information Officer March 1999 – June 2001
Cranberry Twp, PA

Built, maintained and deployed a thin client network to 23 locations in 3 states.
Responsible for training requirements, curriculum, and effectiveness for insurance and financial sales automation usage for over 150 employees.


Meeder Insurance Agency

Owner and Principal January 1995 – March 1999 Harmony, PA

Self Employeed since at age 21. Fully licensed in Property & Casualty, Individual Life & Health, Group Health & Annuities, Series 6 and Series 63. Held Brokerage licenses in P&C in 13 states, including Pennsylvania.
In the top 5% of Nationwide agent’s for Life Insurance and Financial Services sales.

Leadership and Community Service

Historical Harmony, Inc.

Chairman, Preserving Harmony Committee   March 2015 – present  Harmony, PA 

Venture Outdoors

Board of Directors & Committee Member April 2012 – April 2014

Harmony Business Association

Vice-President   December 2012 – December 2014   Harmony, PA