Conscious Business Consulting

Conscious Business Consulting for a Purpose Driven Business

Align your values with your business strategies for sustainable, ethical growth.

Create a Business Centered in Your Values

The biggest challenge facing small to mid-size business owners is not fancy sales funnels, fussy financial modeling, or impossible technology hurdles.  

It’s building a business that works the way they want. Building a scalable business rooted in their values. One that leads to personal and financial freedom.   

Conscious Business Consulting:

Top-level consulting on all aspects of your business, including marketing strategies, offer development, leadership skills, financial modeling, operations, and business lifecycle planning. All custom-tailored. To your brand. Your values. Your life.

If you’re tired of feeling…

  • Overwhelmed by all that’s involved with running a business  
  • Frustrated by not having the knowledge or skills to make it happen  
  • Exhausted from trying to promote your business and having a message that feels all over the place 
  • Out of alignment with your personal aspirations and business goals  
  • Disconnected from your values and purpose when it comes to your business 

Grow the business you want. On your terms.

Get the high-level, holistic consulting to  

  • Create conversion-ready, ethical marketing strategies that feel good  
  • Develop critical leadership skills to keep your business and team aligned 
  • Get step-by-step, practical guidance on how to run a profitable business 
  • Overcome the core beliefs that limit your success and impact 
  • Implement a conscious, value-driven business lifecycle for a profitable business that works the way you want   

What is conscious business consulting?

Conscious Business Consulting empowers businesses to achieve financial success while fostering ethical practices, sustainability, and positive societal impact, aligning operations with core values and purpose.

Unlock the potential of your business with Conscious Business Consulting, a transformative approach that ensures your enterprise not only thrives financially but also makes a positive impact on society. As an experienced coach, I specialize in guiding business owners and entrepreneurs to align their operations with their core values, fostering a culture of ethical practices and sustainability. By integrating conscious business principles, you can build a resilient, purpose-driven company that attracts loyal customers, motivated employees, and robust community support. Let’s work together to elevate your business to new heights of success and significance, ensuring a lasting legacy of positive change. Visit to explore our bespoke coaching options designed to meet your unique needs and drive exceptional results.

How We Can Work Together

No two people or businesses are alike.   Great Things LLC creates individualized, comprehensive plans for each of our clients.  We will create a plan that works for your goals and budget. 

What People Are Saying

90-Day Program

You're only 90 days away from a more successful business and entirely different perspective on life!

90-Day Consulting Program

Unlock Your Potential. Transform Your Business. Revolutionize Your Life.

In just 90 days, reshape the way you think about your business and yourself. Our exclusive 90-Day Coaching Program is tailored for ambitious entrepreneurs and business leaders ready to take a quantum leap in their professional and personal development. At Great Things LLC, we combine cutting-edge business strategies with profound personal growth techniques to create a transformation that resonates on every level.

Why Choose the 90-Day Coaching Program?

Personalized Strategy and Support: Every aspect of this program is customized to fit your unique needs and goals. From day one, you’ll receive one-on-one attention from seasoned coaches who understand the intricacies of business and the complexities of human potential. Together, we’ll dissect your current strategies, refine your goals, and set a course for success that feels authentic and achievable.


What You Will Get Out Of This Program

Elevated Leadership Abilities

You will develop profound leadership skills that not only enhance your decision-making and team management but also inspire and drive collective success.

Clarified Business Mission and Values

Gain crystal-clear understanding of your core mission and values, ensuring your business strategies and offerings are perfectly aligned to what truly matters to you and your market.

Enhanced Financial Management Skills

Master the use of a pro forma and other financial tools to forecast and manage your business finances effectively, enabling you to make informed, strategic decisions that drive profitability and stability.

Integrated Personal and Professional Growth

Experience a unique blend of personal development and professional expertise, leading to a balanced approach to success that respects your values and vision.

Other ways to grow with Great Things

Business Accelerator Membership Group

Accelerate your success with our business membership. Inside, get the tools and skills for sustainable, ethical growth. Enjoy building your business in a community with other purpose-driven business leaders.

On-Demand Business & Marketing Courses

Select from a library of on-demand courses to uplevel your business, marketing, and mindset skills. Build your business on your own time. The way you want.

Businesses I've Worked With

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What You Won’t Compromise When You Work With Us

Traditional business consulting disregards personal values, ethics, and lifestyle aspirations. It encourages business owners to boost profits at the expense of their values, ethics, and personal aspirations.  

This ineffective, reckless approach leaves people out of personal alignment, acting without clear intention, and often stuck with a business they hate.  

Conscious Business Consulting is a proven, holistic approach to business development. It harmonizes your vision and daily operations with your values. By embracing this approach, you can discover personal freedom and financial stability while making a meaningful impact on your community and the planet.

With us, you’ll never be advised to compromise your values, ethics, or lifestyle for your business.  

Great Things LLC founder Josh Meeder is an industry-leading business expert.

In his early 20s, he built a financial services company with 23 locations and 150 employees valued at $85 million. This company ranked in the top 5% nationally for insurance and financial services.  

He has also managed multi-million-dollar merchandising and marketing clients for Fortune 500 companies and led a $25 million software development and implementation project.   

After leaving corporate America, Josh turned to small business coaching as a way to give back. He’s helped hundreds of owners, including over 30 women-owned businesses, infuse clarity and alignment into their businesses.  

Purpose & Value Driven

Holistic & Spiritually Minded

Trusted Expert & Mentor

Success Stories

Grow a profitable, sustainable business rooted in your values. Discover how with conscious business consulting.
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