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Creating “Great Things” is a result of working with great people, both associates and clients!   The team is aligned with the company’s values: Integrity, Creativity, Authenticity, Exploration and Enjoyment of Life.

Our skillsets support and encourage one another.  We are independent and adventurous people that value building relationships and community.  We understand the “why” of your business and keep your mission at the forefront of all we do.   We take great pride and responsibility is representing you and your brand to the world. 

Kimberly McElhatten

marketing powerhouse
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Elizabeth Milo

Web Design & Development
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Great Things Accelerator Consultant Josh Meeder

Josh Meeder

Visionary, Entrepreneur, Adventurer, Traveler & Artist

Growing up as an Entrepreneur

For me, business has always been about something more. From an early age, I was surrounded by friends and family who were incredibly passionate about entrepreneurship and the impact it can have on the communities in which we live and work. Little did I know then, those experiences would have a profound impact on my career.

Growing up in my father’s insurance agency, I learned the values of leadership, community involvement, job creation and economic stewardship. My father, H Robert Meeder, passed away during my last semester. I split my time between school and running the insurance agency.

Insurance and Financial Services

During the first few years in business, I was consistently in the top 5% of sales in the nation. Three years later, he left that exclusive insurance agency and developed another very successful insurance operation. After raising $11 million, I built an insurance and financial services company from scratch to a $48 million enterprise in less than two years. That company had 150 employees with 23 offices spread over 3 states.

Enterprise Software Development in the “Windy City”

Next I moved to Chicago to lead large scale, custom software integrations. As Project Director of Custom Interfaces, I oversaw the integration of 8 custom and legacy interfaces for a $25 million enterprise application.

Back to PA and head first into Marketing

Due to personal reasons, I moved back to Pennsylvania and joined a merchandising/advertising firm. With the sales, technical and financial background,he was rapidly promoted to Director of Client Services. I managed several departments and approximately 70 people.  Additionally, I was actively involved in direct customer relations and both pre and post sales support.

And Now….. Great Things Happened!

I founded Great Things LLC in April of 2009 after being downsized from a good, executive position in the Marketing industry.  This diverse background, coupled with a keen entrepreneurial mind, enables me to rapidly classify problems, create sound improvement strategies and realistic implementation and training.

The Center of Harmony and Real Estate Projects

Real Estate investment had always captured my attention.   Growing up in my father’s insurance agency I saw firsthand how ordinary, hard working people amassed significant wealth and financial security with real estate.   The idea of passive income just made a lot of sense.   So, I found an amazing coach and had completed my first $14,000 deal within 3 months!  I flipped several more houses successfully but wanted to develop a consistent stream of revenue with rentals.   I had success with single family homes.  Then in September of 2011 I came across an old, historic building that had potential, but needed a lot of work.   This became “The Center of Harmony.

I am is a past member of the Venture Outdoors Board of Directors, Membership & PP Committee, Vice President of The Harmony Business Association, and Chamber of Commerce.

A Complete LifeStyle Makeover

In June of 2021, I made a huge  change and realized a 15 year dream.    My son was graduated from College, I sold my House and belongings then hit the road.     You can read more about it on my travel site, Two Cameras And One Big Idea.  Since leaving Harmony, I traveled over 50,000 miles, lived in my truck, a hammock or camper.   I moved to Alaska for the winter, found an incredible relationship.  We just moved to Kentucky in June of 2022 and bought a farmhouse.


All of that while running and expanding Great Things LLC!


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Kimberly McElhatten

Writer, Yogi & Creator

Kimberly McElhatten is an online marketing specialist and wellness business consultant. Her talents as a yogi inform her marketing strategies, helping small businesses stay true to their mission while implementing mindful approaches to growth and program development.

With over 15 years of experience as a middle school English teacher, she’s an expert at what motivates people and how to capture (and hold) the attention of difficult and distractible audiences. From marketing to editing to program consulting, Kimberly helps wellness professionals level-up to manifest more good in the world. 

Elizabeth "Milo" Milo

Web and Graphic Designer

Milo is a native of western PA.  She enjoys traveling, learning, creating and taking on challenges.   Here sense of humor and laughter is infectious.    

Milo was the first outside web developer hired at Great Things, and we are so excited to have her back onboard!

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