Great Things Accelerator

The Step-by-Step Guide to Creating A Successful Business Now!

A Membership Group & Community for new business owners & entrepreneurs

Over 30 years in business and leadership, I have helped hundreds of people launch and grow their businesses. Their success was built using key fundamentals, tools, and mindset shifts. 

My team and I use these principles daily to help our private clients realize success. Now, we are making this knowledge available to you and others!

The Great Things Business Accelerator is uniquely based on our philosophy of Conscious Business Consulting.  We believe owning a business shouldn’t be a hustle or a hassle.

Instead, our approach aligns your values and lifestyle goals with your business objectives. This alignment ensures the viability and sustainability of your business without the dissatisfaction, burnout, and failure most business owners experience.

Your business isn’t just a job—it’s a calling.

We get it because we’re driven by the same ethos.

You’re not just building a business; you’re building a better world.

What is the Business Accelerator?

Learn the tools and skills to go from idea to implementation quickly and in the right way. Eliminate the stress of not knowing what to do first.

Business membership designed to grow your business quickly in alignment with your values and lifestyle

Training and Education on the Fundamental practices in Business, Marketing, Research, SEO, and Success Mindset

Weekly Calls, group coaching, online courses and Q&A sessions

Access to the “Starting Your Business: The Fundamental Keys to Success” course

A community of entrepreneurs and small business owners making a positive impact on the world

Exclusive deals and offers from the Great Things LLC and its partner network


Who is it for?

People who want to leave their dead-end jobs and create their own path.

Entrepreneurs dreaming to launch a new venture.

New Business owners ready to start a business

Existing business owners who haven't found the success they had envisioned.

What's Included

Weekly, Live Coaching & Consulting Calls

Meet each week with Josh, Kimberly, guest experts, and the Great Things Accelerator members. Thursdays 6pm-7pm.

(a $450/month value)

Community Forum and Chat

Get ongoing support and networking in our private Facebook group for members only. Ask questions. Share knowledge. Celebrate success.

(a $450/month value)

“Starting Your Business: The Fundamental Keys to Success

This course contains everything you need to know to build a strong, successful business. Move from defining your vision, to refining your offer, and testing your financial models.

(a $2,178 value)

Exclusive Discounts

Take advantage of savings through our partner services. Enjoy discounts on services, software, and business tools. For GTA members only.

(a $337 value)


Business Resource Library

Level up your success with training in self-leadership, mindset mastery, market research, sales training, financial management, copywriting, SEO research, web design and maintenance, social media strategies, and so much more.

(a $567 value and growing!)


Co-Work Sessions w/ Kimberly

Get twice weekly accountability and motivation with Kimberly (Wednesday mornings & Thursday evenings).

(a $97 monthly value)

Our Online Community

Join in and share your experience, questions and passions with a group of conscious business owners.  

Life as an entrepreneur can feel isolating.   Running a business has it’s on emotional ups and downs.    This community understands and can relate.  

We are building it with the intention of creating a vast network of people making a difference in the world. 


 The next enrollment will open in March of 2023. 

$ 177 Per Month
$ 1947 Annually
Save $177

Experienced & Qualified Coaches

Josh Meeder and Kimberly McElhatten have been helping entreprenuers, writers and creative people  find outstanding success while keeping a balanced and aligned lifestyle. 


They live these practices daily and have formed an incredible working partnership in Great Things LLC.

Great Things Accelerator Consultant Josh Meeder


Entrepreneur, Adventurer, Artist, Traveler, Visionary.

Kimberly McElhatten SEO research and Copy writing


Educator, Coach, Copywriter, SEO Specialist

Online Course Catalog Included with Membership

Starting Your Own Business

Starting Your Business: The Fundamental Keys to Success

Legal, Accounting, & Insurance: Understanding Your Needs

Legal, Accounting, & Insurance: Understanding Your Needs

Offer Mastery Thinkific Course Card

Offer Mastery: Your Step-by-Step Framework to Crafting Life-Changing Offers through Customer Discovery

Mastering Sales Online Course Graphic

Mastering Sales: Boost Your Small Business with Effective Sales Practices & Techniques

Maximizing Profits- A Comprehensive Guide to Tax Planning and Savings for Entrepreneurs

Maximizing Profits: A Comprehensive Guide to Tax Planning and Savings for Entrepreneurs

SEO Keyword Research: A Beginner's Guide To Getting Found

Mindset Mastery Course

Mindset Mastery - Skill, tools, and techniques

Resource Library


WordPress and Elementor Introduction Course

Website Tutorials: WordPress and Elementor

Don’t just take our word for it


"Josh is an innovator and has a proven track record of success. His ability to see the big picture and come up with controls and process to make things more efficient would make him an asset to any organization."


"Working with Kimberly McElhatten has been a successful business move and a pleasure! She took the time to understand our mission when we first began working together. She was then able to share her knowledge of SEO and sales. We have had a significant improvement in our sales due to Kimberly’s work, and we also appreciate the increased professionalism of our online presence."


“Josh was relentless in our company in general. He is tireless and also one of the smartest men I have been around in business. He would be a tremendous asset to any organization.”


"Kimberly is my social media expert, my blog writer, my SEO consultant, my motivator, and my creator of business solutions. I earned $10k more in 2021 than 2020 because Kimberly taught me how to shift and reach more clients. Kimberly has helped me build my brand. She will help you, too. ."

Sandy Shares Her Experience Working With The Pro Forma

“I’ve been working with the pro forma and I learned so much working with Josh on this. And I haven’t steered this with you yet, Josh. But one of the areas where it helped me the most is to slow down is to look at things way more realistically and to have some and looking at my goals.”


– Sandy Rivers


Focused & Intentional Mentoring

Discover what’s possible with the focused and intentional combination of consulting and coaching

The Great Things Accelerator is the only business membership of its kind. 

Learn from our lead Business Consultant, Josh Meeder who has lead remarkably successful business teams as a C-level executive.  Master the mindset for success with our Self Mastery Coach Kimberly McElhatten. Learn to push through self-limiting beliefs and make the shift to a life of value and abundance.

Expert Instructors

Josh and Kimberly have decades of experience in business, writing, reseach and coaching.

Anytime. Anywhere

Online, Live and In Person: We meet you where you are. Use the online community to get 24/7 support.

Mindset & Alignment

Without the proper mindset and alignment of your business goals and personal values, you will struggle. We focus on building knowledge, resiliency and good practices.

Deep Lessons

With over our 3 decades of experience, we have learned many lessons so you don't have to. Some were easier than others. We help you to avoid the painful lessons we have already learned. We also synthesize and compile the good ones for you.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes and congratulations on already moving your dreams into reality!  You will learn fundamental skills and advance knowledge.  These lessons are applicable to all stages of business development.

The marketing, writing and research topics will be of particular interest to you.   The web site and social media lessons will expand you knowledge and approach to your online presence. 

Currently, our weekly calls are scheduled for Thursday nights at 6-7pm EST.    Don’t worry if you can’t make one, they will be posted afterward.  You will be able to view and rewatch at your convenience. 

We are here for you.  You can schedule individual, one-on-one sessions scheduled to meet your needs.   We can address any issues you would like to delve into. 

You have access to all resources, lessons, recordings and other information as long as your membership is active.

No!  You will receive the discounted rate as long as your membership is active.  Your monthly cost will never increase. 

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Vision & Mindset Mastery

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Creating Your Offer & Marketing

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Financial & Business Practices

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Resources & Support

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