Video Production & Editing

vid·eo | \ ˈvi-dē-ˌō | verb

From the Latin verb videre “to see”

Creating great video content for business promotion.  Reliably affordably & rapidly.

Expand Your Brand's Visibility with Video

In today’s marketing landscape, video is essential. 

Because of its engaging nature, it helps businesses convey memorable, impactful brand messages. With its wide reach, shareability, and SEO benefits, video content has the power to expand brand visibility and attract a broader audience.

When it comes to video production, these principles guide the Great Things LLC approach:

QUALITY: It’s paramount. We deliver quality videos that capture and maintain attention while staying true to your brand. High quality visuals and audio are essential in creating a memorable video experience.    

RAPID, FLEXIBLE, LIGHTWEIGHT DEPLOYMENT:  We have quick turn-around times for editing for today’s fast-paced world. Time is off the essence, and we’re equipped to deliver your video content without compromising on quality.

BRAND AWARE & CONTENT RELEVANT PRODUCTION: When it comes to capturing your brand’s essence, we take a deeply personalized approach. Video content should be deeply connected to your brand identity and aligned with your target audience’s preferences. By understanding your unique brand story and objectives, each video produced is not only brand-aware but also highly relevant to your specific business goals.

VIBE & ENERGY OF OBJECTIVE: Capturing the right vibe, energy, and feeling of your business objective on video is crucial. These elements set the emotional tone, maintain viewer engagement, and create authentic connection. By carefully considering these aspects, videos become powerful tools for effective brand messaging, eliciting emotional responses, and leaving a lasting impact on your potential customers.

AFFORDABILITY & RELIABILITY: We provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality or delivery timeline. We know the importance of staying within your budget, and we understand you need quality videos to grow your business. We’ll balance both of those.  

Below, you’ll find a selection of videos I have produced for my clients as well as some examples of my personal projects. Each video showcases my dedication to these principles, capturing the essence of the subjects and evoking genuine emotions for a last impression.

Client-centric Approaches To Video Production

Whether you have footage or are looking for a fully produced video, we’ll work together to create impactful videos. We will tell your story in a visually and emotionally stunning way. 

Full Production

Concept to Delivery. 

Work with us to develop and refine your concept. We’ll shoot, edit, and produce it.    

You will receive the final edited video for use on your website, social media or YouTube Channel. 


Today’s technology makes it easy to produce your own videos. 

Consult with us to learn how to make the most of the tech you already have (phones, tablets, and computers). 

Turn the footage over to us for a professional edit. 

Commission professional intros and outros for brand consistency. 

Supplied Footage

Do you have the footage and digital assets but need help to make the video?

No Problem!  We’ll compile  it into a done-for-you video. 

It is simple, fast and affordable.  

Supplied Message

Do you have a script or a voice recording of your message? 

We can build a video around this using custom or stock video to create an impressive final product. 

Got Questions? Ready to talk about Video?

Custom Solutions, for all of you video needs.

Video Portfolio

Educate Your Audience

Sara Makin, of Makin Wellness, shares information about anxiety & medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.

Introduce Your Brand

Dr. Harry Pepper introduces his Rhythm of Life Retreat, an opportunity to reconnect to the most essential, true nature.

Capture Live, Event Footage

This is an example of how video can be captured, edited and published during an event or workshop. 

Promote Events

The Harmony Inn partnered with Murderingtowne Press & Co to produce shirts for their “Mug Club” party.  It was a good time showcasing both local businesses.

Motivate Action.

Share good vibes and brand messages.

Explain How

I made this video to help explain the aspects of renting the Historic Opera Hall at The Center of Harmony.

Promote Your Band

Share your music and expand your audience. Affordable, mobile and creative.

Promote Your Mission

Showcasing your organization’s corporate mission, events, and conventions. 

Sell a Product

Journeyman Products Camping Hammock

Here is an example how easy and fast mobile video can be.  This video was shot, edit and published on an iPhone with a  stabilizer, and that was all done in under an hour. 


Save time and cost, shoot your own footage and I’ll edit it for you.  This is ideal for product demonstrations, educational and training videos. 

Explain How

This is an example of how video can be captured, edited and published for educating your team, clients ore customers. 


Are your running a GoFundMe or fund raising campaign?  Share your message and increase the contributions with video. 


Make the first impression a good one.  Your listing will stand out with a professionally produced sales video. 


Showcasing your organization’s corporate mission, events, and conventions. 

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Dr. Cotey Jordan shares his experience

Dr. Cotey Jordan is a successful chiropractor, author, speaker and success coach. He’s worked with Great Things LLC on numerous projects, including onsite and remote video production and editing for online courses and marketing.  

Learn more about Dr Jordan online at Family Chiropractic, 

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