The Center of Harmony

253 Mercer Street

Harmony, PA 16037

Josh Meeder with Jim Donovan

The Center of Harmony is a Great Things LLC real estate investment project.  Opened on January 14th, 2012, The “Center” has revitalized and reinvigorated the area.   The Historic 1875 Opera Hall, located on the second floor, is a unique, intimate & inviting venue for Weddings, Family Parties, Workshops, Yoga, Mediation, Concerts & much more.   

The “Healing House” located adjacent on the parking lot and is a part of The Center.  It offers Reiki, Massage, Mental Health & Natural Aesthetician services. 

The Center and Healing Have have been home and launch point for almost 30 small businesses.   90% of those businesses have been women owned business, and all but a few are still in business.   This is something I am extremely proud of and it was an intention focus.    

I understand the challenges of small businesses and was able to help with a variety of incentives and programs.   Collaboration with regular tenants meetings, event promotions & advertising was a large part of it.   Partnering with local business groups, historical societies & the municipal government created a “rising tide”.    Several other key businesses in the area had a focus on bringing the arts, music and other events too.    This created an amazing vibe in the small town of Harmony, PA (pop. 890).



The Mission Statement

“The Center of Harmony is a group of collaborating businesses and events venue housed in an old opera house and surrounding buildings who are focused on preserving the environment, strengthening the community and empowering people to live healthy, happy lives. It actively engages in the promotion of music, the arts, education and a better community for all. This is a place where positive, forward-thinking and dynamic people come together to thrive and grow.”


Caring for the Local Connoquenessing Creek

Local Impact

Christian's Landing, New kayak launch in Fombell, PA

Nature restores and centers me.  I enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking and more outdoor activities.   Watershed protection, Floodplain Management and Responsible land development is a passion.     One amazing local non-profit, volunteer based organization has made a mind-blowing impact to the local waterway, the Connoquenessing Creek.

In 8 years,   Allegheny Aquatic Alliance has removed  418,983 pounds of garbage, including 4,455 tires from all 50 miles of this waterway.

In addition to this massive clean effort, Allegheny Aquatic Alliance promotes kayaking and boating.  They build and maintain a bunch of launches.    In 2019, I was able to donate the funds for a new Kayak Launch near Fombell, PA.   It was named “Christian’s Landing”, for my son.   This was meaningful as my father named “Joshua Drive” in a housing development he was involved with.  It was a pretty special moment for this proud dad!

“Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers”


Producing & Attending

Josh Meeder building community, real and virtual

I am fortunate to have a venue where I can host and produced events.  The Center of Harmony’s Historic 1875 Opera Hall & Event Venue always has something going on. 

Drum Circles, Zen Meditation, Sound Healing, Yoga, Workshops, Festivals, Vendor Fairs & Community meetings are just a few of the events that happen regularly.   The Opera Hall is also available for rental for your own event of gathering. 

Check out the Center’s online calendar for more information and upcoming activities.

Upcoming Events

Here are a few events I am looking forward to.


The Great Blue Heron


The Great Rhythm Revival

Projects & Random Things

Always Creating, in some form.


Projects & Things I Enjoy

I like to have fun & have the videos to prove it!  Here are a few random videos that will provide a window into my world.  

I love helping people, using my skills and talents. Whether I’m creating a marketing plan,  working in my woodshop or retrofitting a school bus, I try to spread a little joy every day.

What Others have Said

Josh has a talent for solving complex business-problems, and his attention to detail and strong work ethic will add value to any organization he leads.

Bryan Laing

Josh was relentless in building his department and our company in general. He is tireless and also one of the smartest young men I have been around in business. He would be a tremendous asset to any organization.

Craig Vukich

Craig Vukich

Josh is an innovator and has a proven track record of success. His ability to see the big picture and come up with controls and process to make things more efficient would make him an asset to any organization.

Brandon Evans

Brandon Evans

In The News

In The News

Josh Meeder Interviewed on Local News KDKA
March 11, 2013.  “Faces of Butler County” from Butler County Tourism and Convention Bureau. * Video below

Community News

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