Welcome to a new era of conscious entrepreneurship where your business aspirations and personal values are not just aligned but deeply interconnected.


Whether you’re taking your first steps in the business world or looking to elevate your existing venture, we’ve got you covered.


Our one-on-one Conscious Business Consulting offers personalized coaching tailored to your unique goals and challenges, bringing clarity and actionable strategies to your entrepreneurial journey.


Want to be part of an exclusive community while gaining access to a rich library of resources? Our Great Things Accelerator Membership delivers weekly live calls, interactive learning, and a network of like-minded business owners committed to making a meaningful impact.


And if you’re looking to deep-dive into specific areas, our range of individual online courses—from ‘Offer Mastery‘ to ‘Sales Techniques That Convert‘—offers targeted learning to set you up for enduring success.

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Conscious Business Consulting

Direct, One on One Consulting:

'Conscious Business Consulting' isn't a catchphrase; it's a commitment.

We dive deep to understand your unique skill sets and limitations, offering targeted support that lets you focus on what brings you joy in life and success in business.

Business Accelerator Membership

Membership Group & Community

Your business isn't just a job—it's a calling. We get it because we're driven by the same ethos.

You're not just building a business; you're building a better world. Let's build that together in a community of like minded entrepreneurs.

Online Courses & Learning

Convenient, Self Paced Online Learning

Ready to up your entrepreneurial game?

Choose the course that meets your immediate needs and let's start making great things happen.

The Great Things Business Accelerator Membership

Created Specifically for :


  • People Who Want To Leave Their Dead-End Jobs And Create Their Own Path.


  • Entrepreneurs Dreaming To Launch A New Venture.


  • New Business Owners Ready To Start A Business


  • Existing Business Owners Who Haven’t Found The Success They Had Envisioned.

Our Course Catalog

Start Your Business Course Card

Starting Your Business: The Fundamental Keys to Success

In our Flagship course, We will create a rock solid foundation of success for anyone starting a new business. Create your Mission, Vision and Values statements, a working Sales Model and Pro forma. Included Individual Coaching too!

Maximizing Profits- A Comprehensive Guide to Tax Planning and Savings for Entrepreneurs

Maximizing Profits: A Comprehensive Guide to Tax Planning and Savings for Entrepreneurs

Maximize your profits and align your financial decisions. Uncover key tax planning strategies, crucial deductions, and savings plans tailored for entrepreneurs. Navigate potential pitfalls in retirement planning.

Mastering Sales Online Course Graphic

Mastering Sales: Boost Your Small Business with Effective Sales Practices & Techniques

📈 Skyrocket Your Sales with Mastering Sales: The Ultimate Online Course for Small Business Owners! 🚀. Are you ready to break through your sales targets? Looking to convert more leads into loyal customers? Then this is for you!

Professional Advisors

Professional Advisors: Legal Structure, Accounting and Insurance

Which came first the Accountant or the Attorney? When starting a business, many new owners make the mistake of avoiding these crucial professionals. Additionally, you will learn about the various legal entities available to you.

Resiliency: Understanding, Building and Maintaining Your Own Resilient Skills

Resiliency: Understanding, Building and Maintaining Your Own Resilient Skills

Resiliency is key to success and longevity. Learn what Resilience is and how to cultivate it in your life and business. Kimberly McElhatten shares her experience and time tested practices.

SEO Keyword Research: A Beginner's Guide to Getting Found

Learn the fundamentals for Researching Keywords, Understanding SEO, and Writing for Engagement. This is both a beginners intro and a deep dive in the tools and practices your will need to conduct your research.

WordPress Elementor Course Card

Website Tutorials: WordPress and Elementor

Learn the basics of WordPress and Elementor to create and maintain a stunning website.

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