Websites & Web Design for Small Business.

Done right!

It is not just a website, it how people see who you are and what you have to offer.  
First impressions are lasting.
Any website company, or even your 14 year old nephew, can build a site.    It doesn’t mean it will represent your business, drive traffic, get search results or add to the bottom line.
Don’t waste your time, resources or money building an ineffective website.  Small Businesses don’t have to invest a fortune to get an impactful online presence.
My background as a business owner is what sets me apart from other designers.   By understanding your business, I will make recommendations and suggestions that are based on the needs and objectives of your business, not just a pretty website.  Although you will have a gorgeous site.   I have got your back!

What you get with Great Things LLC

Free Services

Discounts & Benefits

Self Empowerment Approach:

 It’s Your Site, Don’t Depend on Someone Else With Your Brand!

I teach, mentor and empower my clients to manage some or all of their websites.     At minimum, I suggest that they now how to log on and change or update the content, create a blog post, and a few other rudimentary tasks.  Many will quickly learn and take on more responsibility for their sites.   This approach save cost, expedites content delivery, and provides greater control of the website and pubic image of the business.

I am also available to assist or complete any tasks that are beyond the skillset, time constraints, or general desire of the client.  This approach has been very successful for the small businesses I have worked with.

Web Design, Graphic Design and Online Presence

When it comes to web design for small businesses, having a great website isn’t a “nice to have” it’s a “need to have.” In just one click, your website forms an immediate and lasting impression with current and potential customers and can ultimately impact whether they’ll make a purchasing decision. I help you manage every aspect of the creative and technical process to help bring your vision and your website to life.

  • Web design, build & strategy
  • Navigation and design
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • HTML programming and coding
  • Marketing and Social Media Strategy and support services.=

Designing Your Website

The Process

The web design process is clear and understandable.   What makes me unique is that I understand web design, SEO, marketing and business operations.    That is the key to both of our success.

  1. We talk and dive into the objectives and concerns for your website.   
  2. Sketch up a rough layout of the site and the pages,  you review and approve.
  3. Develop a SEO Strategy document, based on business needs, objectives and competitive analysis.
  4. Set up your hosting plan and WordPress. 
  5. Create the site structure, navigation, general visual settings (colors, fonts, styles, etc)
  6. Begin adding in content and images.
  7. Review site for approval.
  8. Optimize for content and mobile layout.
  9. Go Live
  10. Ongoing support and maintenance.   As a Great Things LLC client, the following services are provided at no cost.
    1. Daily Backups
    2. Security Monitoring
    3. Uptime Monitoring
    4. Performance Testing
    5. SEO Keyword tracking *If keywords are provided.
    6. Broken Link Monitoring. 

The Tools for a Great Website

WordPress is the engine that drives about 35% of all websites.  It is free, has a long running history and has a ton of options.  The website builders like Weebly, SquareSpace, Wix and others are ok, but limited.  They are not as straightforward as they advertise.  I don’t work with those site builder.  I stick with the most popular and robust option, WordPress. 

Elementor is a plugin that extends the basic WordPress functionality and offers unlimited design possibilities.   Elementor allows you to design and build the. site exactly as you dream of, and not be limited to pre-packaged themes.  

Hosting, SSL, Domains, Email and more:   GoDaddy is the 800 pound gorilla.  They offer a wide array of online products and services.   Great Things LLC is an authorized reseller for GoDaddy Products.  You can save BIG $$ on new and renewal pricing. Check out my pricing and compare.    If you are coming up for renewal, contact me before you overpay!

Frustrated with your web presence? Let's talk and see what is possible!

No Obligation, just great ideas!

What is it like to work with me?

Kimberly Morrow and Elizabeth DuPont Spencer, of, began working with Josh several years ago. Together they created and built a website as a central park of an overall marketing strategy to expand their training and online support for therapists and counselors. The partnership has been a success.

Learn More about Kimberly Morrow & Elizabeth Dupont Spencer online.

Anxiety Training
Thinkific Online Courses

A Few of My Client's Sites

Client Spotlight

Grossman Yanak & Ford, LLP is a premium Accounting and Tax Advisory firm in Pittsburgh.   I built a site for them several years ago and it was a time for a refresh.    

This was a large project, a complete redesign, restructure and migrating hundreds of blogs and public documents. 


It was a wonderful collaboration with the GYF team.  They were outstanding and provided clear direction.  The results speak for themselves!    


See the new site at

Read the full blog here

Saving you $$$.

Get GoDaddy Products at Deep Discounts!

As an authorized Reseller, I offer GoDaddy’s products at deep discounts, for both New & Renewal Pricing.   Feel free to share this with any of your friends, family & associates.

Here are a few examples of how much you can save!

Other Web Related Services

My Team and I are ready to help you with your web presence and needs.   Call or contact me to get started. 

WordPress and Elementor for great website design

WordPress & Elementor

I build custom WordPress websites using Elementor Page Builder. Your site will be completely customized for your needs.  I believe in empowering my clients.  You will learn how to manage, update and maintain your site.  If you prefer, my team can do that for your too.  

Flexible, Affordable & Impactful

Deep Discounts for Web Products

As an Authorized GoDaddy reseller, you get heavily discounted prices, now and at renewal! The savings have been substantial for many clients.
Being a client, you also have access to free support services, such as daily backup, performance testing, uptime monitoring and many other features.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

A website is useless unless your customers can find it. Be sure your site is properly structured, accessible and search engine friendly. Through Google tools, GoDaddy products and a YOAST SEO plugin, your site will be optimized for performance and visibility.

A Great Website is only one piece of the puzzle.

Having a great website without a solid marketing strategy is like having a car with flat tires.  Yes it will work, but it won’t get you where you need to be very quickly. 

Make sure your marketing approach includes newsletters, videos, blogs, social media, business events, print and other appropriate channels.