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Doing the right thing always brings success.    Whether that is shopping locally, supporting a charity or organization or investing in your community,  it is worth it!  

Real Estate

Real Estate is one of single biggest wealth creators in the investment realm.   If you want to get started in Real Estate, a good mentor will make the difference between success and failure.  Don’t go it alone. 

Community Development and Collaborative Projects

 If you see something that your community needs, chances are that someone else has too.    Finding and building collaborative partnership and alliances is a phenomenal way to create change and build a community.   Josh has been building communities for over 25 years.   Learn and benefit from his rich experience.

Investment and Business Opportunities

Because of his active involvement and extensive network, Josh has a pulse on many exciting and unique business opportunities.   If you want to start working for yourself and aren’t sure what to do, talk with him and see what if available.

Making a difference. Locally. Sustainably. Daily.

The Center of Harmony is wholly owned by Josh’s company, Great Things LLC.Some people say that you can’t make a difference. That you can’t change the world. Well, they are wrong! Whether it is helping a business get their message out, creating a start up business, improving a bottom line, providing quality affordable housing or creating local jobs, Great Things LLC is focused on building the local economy. Here are just a few of the impacts and projects that have improved the local communities.

Josh Meeder standing in the historic 1875 Opera Hall of the Center of Harmony.

The Center of Harmony Project

The Center of Harmony got an new paint job.
See how passion, conviction, social causes, and real estate investment have transformed Harmony, PA.    The Center of Harmony, a historic 1875 Opera Hall, has helped launch number small business and helped bring a town to life.

Since its inception, Josh has helped launch over 24 small businesses. 21 of those business’ were women owned. Through start up rent incentives, creative build out projects and collaborative marketing promotions, I have helped individual reach their dreams of business ownership and success.

By renovating an 1875 Opera House and Odd Fellows Hall with a very specific mission, Great Things LLC has created the Center of Harmony. An unique shopping, health and environmental destination in the historic town of Harmony, PA. Founded on the principal of community development, social responsibility and environmental concern, this project in an entrepreneurial zone that is home to numerous local, small businesses. To be sent to the full Center of Harmony website, click here.

It is an example of our collaboration, mutual interest, community support and personal enrichment can create something extraordinary. It is a dynamic entrepreneurial zone that is changing the community around it.    “The Center of Harmony

The Mission Statement:

The Center of Harmony is a group of collaborating businesses and events venue housed in an old opera house and surrounding buildings who are focused on preserving the environment, strengthening the community and empowering people to live healthy, happy lives. It actively engages in the promotion of music, the arts, education and a better community for all. This is a place where positive, forward-thinking and dynamic people come together to thrive and grow.

Environmental Improvement

Supporting local environmental causes is socially responsible and personally rewarding. Here are few  of the organizations Josh is involved with and support.

Preserving Harmony/Harmony Museum

As a part chairman of Preserving Harmony, a committee under the Historic Harmony Inc.,  he challenged a development that wanted to fill in a local flood plain.   Working with the DEP, Army Corps of Engineers, state, local and federal agencies, we were able to identify and have almost 7 acres of  wetlands protected and reduced the amount of fill that was added to a local floodplain.  Additionally, we worked with local municipalities to adopt more restrictive floodplain restrictions.

Allegheny Aquatic Alliance

Allegheny Aquatic Alliance is an amazing organization.   A clear example of how a few passionate people can make a huge impact locally. In their first 6 years,  they removed a total of  360,857 pounds (180 tons) of garbage, including 4,051 tires from 40 miles of this 50-mile waterway!    Josh has volunteered in the clean ups and have also sponsored a new kayak and canoe launch, Christian’s Landing, in Fombell, PA

e-Waste Recycling

eLoop LLC Certified PartnerDuring my partnership with eLoop LLC, the Center of Harmony has recycled approximately  57 tons of electronic waste,  between April 2012 and January 2104.    With 98% landfill avoidance, this has had significant impact on the local environment.   All of this and it has been offered for FREE to the community.  You can find your local recycling facility online at   E-cycling Recycling.

The e-recycling service was closed in January 2014 due to capacity and facility limitation.

Financial Impact

– Over $1,200,000 invested in the western PA economy
– 24 new independent business started or brought into Harmony Boro
– affordable housing developed for 4 families
– approximately 50+ jobs created for local contractors, installers and servicemen

Cleaning up neighborhoods and offering quality, affordable housing options

Through strategic Real Estate investments in residential housing, 5 abandoned or neglected properties have been purchased, renovated and sold to local families. Here are just a few of the before and after pictures.

Perrysville Avenue Rehab

Ridgeland Avenue rehab

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