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Emergency Site Rebuild in under 3 hours

Sometimes, You just need to move a few mountains

There was a small site I developed for a dynamic young college student several years ago.   He had an inspirational story of facing and over coming anxiety through travel and exploration.      He had gotten several speaking engagements and was beginning to build a following.

We put up a simple and clean site.   After a few years, The focus changed and the site was just left to be.   While I did have maintain updates and monitoring, there was a sunset coming on the main plugin used to develop it originally.    the client and I discussed that the site would start to break down and eventually may become unaccessible, as support for Pagelines builder was closed down.   I strongly recommended that we convert it to Elementor and make that investment.    It was decided to leave it go.

An Emergency Rebuild Becomes the Reality

Out of the blue, I got a very panicked call from this young man.  He had some social media content go viral and was getting a lot of attention.  But his site was now defunct and could not be brought back up on the old Pagelines development tools.   Now, it was an emergency and a reality.

Unfortunately, It was also a time of travel and movement for me.  I was getting ready to hit the road in a few days when the call came.   We had a quick discussion and I needed authorization to be work that afternoon, or I would be out of time to get to it.   He agreed, and in 3 hours, I had completely rebuilt the site using Elementor’s tools.

The Client was ecstatic and the site is back online.   It is also sustainable and manageable for a long time to come.

The panic could have been avoided, if we had updated the site when I original suggested.   However, it did feel good to be able to help out such a creative and dynamic young man.    Read more about his story at 


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