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Moonbeam Bungalows: Custom Photography, Video & Web Design Coming Together

Moonbeam Bungalows, when a project is more fun that work.

This by far, was one of my favorite sites and projects to work on. There are many reasons why this one was such a blast to be a part of.   It all started when my friend Cara wanted to catch a ride with me on a trip I had planned to Asheville, North Carolina.

Hiking with Grace and Boo Asheville NCCara Cheeley Josh Meeder at The Heron Farm and Events CenterrCara and I have been friends for years. She opened her massage and wellness business at the center of harmony very early on. We connected and I have stayed in touch throughout the years. In fact, we usually cross paths in the most interesting locations across the country. We both have the passion for traveling, living a full life and exploring .

Two years ago, Cara had a job opportunity down near Asheville. I was up planning a trip there anyways. And she asked if she could hop a ride. Cara was going to meet her friend Grace. And Grace offered us a place to stay for a few days. And this is where a new friendship and project was started.

Meeting Grace

Hiking with Grace and Her Dog

I have known and met many interesting, outstanding people. Grace is one of those, and she is at the top of the list .   Grace and Cara met in massage school in Asheville about a decade ago. Horseshoe, North Carolina was also very familiar to me. I was introduced to the area about 20 years ago, when my mother moved down there. Even back then, I knew there was something special about the land.   The Pisgah National Forest is one of my favorite regions in the county.   The flora and fauna are breathtaking.   It wasn’t long before I realized dad my mom’s house was only 5 miles away. I remembered the directions in the area from over 20 years ago. It was a trip down memory lane .

Driving up the road to Grace’s, We passed the Moonbeam Bungalows. Perched up on the hillside, they were slightly obscured by the foliage. However, you could tell something pretty cool was going on up there.

Grace greeted us with a big smile and open arms.   Her joy and zest for life was radiating and very inviting.   It was as if you were seeing a very dear and lifelong friend again.   I spent a couple of days with Cara and Grace, And continued on my travel.   A friendship had been formed and I return to visit Grace several more times over the coming years.

Inspiration, Connection and Creativity

As our friendship grew, Grace truly was an inspiration.  She had purchased the bungalows about the decade earlier. Over that time she made repairs an added her incredible flair and style to the property. She created an Airbnb and rental business that supported her and your traveling lifestyle.   This resonated deeply with me.   That was the reason I had gotten in to real estate.   And here was someone that had truly made that dream her reality.

In addition to our mutual love of travel, nature, adventure and good food, we connected on the shared experience of owning real estate and rental properties. We understood the challenges each other had faced in developing and marketing those properties.  We were connected and aligned on this and so much more. I was inspired by how she had her created her lifestyle, and the real estate was supporting it. It showed me where I could change and improve things in my own business.

Playtime becomes a Project of Inspiration

Grace showed the Moonbeam Bungalow and Satelite Bunglow.   There are two cabins on the same parcel, each with their own hot tube and a shared courtyard.   To say I was blown away is an understatement! The style, architectural nuances, art and inviting feel was amazing.   It was and expression of Grace herself and her style.    With camera in hand, I shot some photos and video just for fun. Then I checked out her website. Unfortunately, the website was very dated and didn’t reflect the awe inspiring nature of the properties.  By this time, we were very good friends and I was comfortable to be blunt enough to recommend an entire new website. She was completely open to this and we started a collaboration.

A Vision Manifested and Realized

One of the big problems she faced was online booking. The Moonbeam Bungalows were listed on AirBnB and the vast majority of reservations were made there.   The Airbnb reservation system is really good. Grace wanted to shift to that entirely, but it was not integrated on to her site.    This that, we set up new hosting with discounts through my GoDaddy Reseller Account and began to build a new one that reflected the property and streamlined the bookings.  The photography and video I had captured was the basis for the sites aesthetics, WordPress and Elementor was the engine.

Videos, speak and sell deeper than any words

Two properties, two videos.  The following videos were shot on my iPhone 12 pro using an Osmo mobile three stabilizer. It took less than 40 minutes to shoot edit and upload these videos. Take a look, and see for yourself the power of video.

  • Can you feel yourself there?
  • What does it evoke inside of you?

Streamlined Booking on AirBnB

Integrating the Airbnb booking in review system on the Elementor Designed WordPress website was simple.  AirBnB provided embedded code for the reservation and the WP AirBnB Review Slider plugin shared the real time reviews.  The site was not ready. All reservations were being handled by Airbnb. And the site looked fantastic!

Collaborate and Launch

Using Elementor to design and maintain WordPress website is very easy.  I gave Grace a quick lesson in tutorial before I left, and we started designing together remotely. The process and moved at the speed Grace was comfortable with and the results were well worth it.

Once the site was ready, weird pointed the domain and made it live. Take a few minutes and check out the site. Be sure to check out the Bungalows page where there are photo galleries and videos.

If you are interested in web design, or have Airbnb properties, give me a call and let’s take a look at what we can do for your business !

Josh Meeder and Grace Caldwell hiking in North Carolina
Hiking this summer in North Carolina

Starting Off My Summer Adventures with Grace

As many of you know, I started a life changing journey this summer.   Two Cameras and One Big Idea is my site that details that journey.  It kicked off this summer with a visit to Grace and her mom in Upstate New York.  You can read about that on the Two Cameras and One Big Idea Blog. 

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