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Holton Healing Arts – A Very Special Website Design Development Process

When A Website Design Development is More Than A Standard Project

Josh Meeder and Katy Jo Holton in Alaska
Imagine building a brand new website that has three unique product offering, an online school,  a new podcast,  incorporates an existing ads-based sales funnel, Active Campaign integration, requires 18 new landing pages, is a complete brand refresh and must be released within a limited window.

Now imagine you are building it for your life partner while planning a 4,200-mile move from Alaska to Kentucky. No pressure there, right?

Well, that is what I had the opportunity to do for my partner Katy Jo “SpiritBird” Holton, and her company Holton Healing Arts.

Impressed and Slightly Intimidated

No one likes to disappoint their clients, friends, or family.   And NO ONE wants to disappoint the person they are sharing and building a life with.

Over the long winter in Alaska in a shared office in a small apartment, I got to witness and understand SpiritBird’s brilliance.    Her education, training, and natural gifts in the spiritual realms and shamanic teachings are phenomenal.  That was clear.    What was just as impressive was her understanding and use of technology, sales funnels, marketing, paid ads, and outsourcing.    That is a combination of talents I have not seen before.

The technology and marketing she was doing were deeper than what I got into for my client or me.  She had built a very successful business in a few short years.   She had amassed a world-class support team of coaches, administrative support, and resources.  And it was working.

Because of the extensive structure and operational depth SpiritBird already had in place,  I was reluctant to make any recommendation, let alone intrude on your business.    However, I also processed a “knowing” and different vantage point.     Our individual paths had brought us together.  (If you would like to hear about that, watch the podcast on YouTube)

Don’t Mess with Success.

Through her company Holton Healing Arts, SpiritBird has built a successful Shaman SchoolShaman School. The 8-month program guides spiritual entrepreneurs through identifying and releasing blocks, to bring their offers forward to the world.   It is a deep and transformative process.   Although she has the training, education, and long experience in this work, Katy Jo has grown her business and school into a thriving enterprise in a very short period of time.

The Shaman School’s rapid growth was driven through ads-based sales funnels and significant automation technologies.   When you find a process that is working, there is an extra amount of focus that goes into building around it without disrupting it.   This was the case and baseline for the project.

Brand Refinement and A Whole Lot of New Development

Holton Healing Arts had a very strong brand presence.  There was also some room to tighten it up, as well as expand on what existed.   After a new Brand Guide was developed, including a new logo, colors and font treatments, we set out to look at the new website’s requirements.  During this period, The “offer” was further refined to include:

So, I jumped in and got the team engaged.  It was a big team effort.  Kimberly worked with SEO and keyword research, and Marney dove into web development.  It is worth mentioning that Marney and Katy Jo are friends.  That is how I met and began working with Marney, as she was already doing some social media and marketing for Holton Healing Arts.   It made the brand consistency and visual impact very seamless to create.   By the time we finished, we had created the following:

  • 11 Web Pages
  • 18 Landing and Sales Funnel Pages
  • Active Campaigns Integrations
  • 3 Custom Forms
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Analytics, Search Console, and Recaptcha

The Results

Holton Healing Arts Website Design Development
The most important metric for me was “customer” satisfaction.  SpiritBird is my partner and the person I had been calling into my life for years.   We have our agreements and keeping our autonomy within the relationship is one of those.   She trusted me with your business, site, and reputation.  I took that and tended to it with deep reverence.

She loved it!  And I felt it really captured her essence and the business’ true purpose.  And as a close second, it performs beautifully.    The integration with the Elementor-based Word Press site and existing Active Campaigns are humming along.  Traffic to the site is up and the Leading With Spirit Podcast is gaining followers.

The Magic

The most enjoyable part of this project was witnessing how Spiritbird and my own magic played together.  We each have a unique perspective on helping others to develop their gifts and businesses.  This was the first significant step to learning how we are growing as a couple and how our businesses are also very aligned.   They are complimentary, intention-based, and going.  Where it goes from here remains to be seen.   I am simply grateful for the trust and discovery we built through this process.

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