Revamping A Case Study for a Website Rebuild Web Site Rebuild

A Rapid Response and Website Rebuild This was an opportunity that our team had been excited for, although it was not how anyone would have liked it to happen.   Rachel Allen is a friend, an author, a client, a member of the Great Things LLC Accelerator group, and a kind hearted force for good.   Rachel […]

URGENT! Navigating Email Authentication Requirements

Email Authentication, DMARC, DKIM, DPF

Email Changes from Google and Yahoo: Get Setup for Success As Google and Yahoo tighten their email policies to curb unsolicited and harmful emails, businesses must adapt swiftly to stay compliant and maintain effective communication channels. The crux of this change hinges on authenticating your domain and email configurations, a technical yet crucial process. Here’s […]

Driving Dreams: Patty and Loren Upton’s 5-Year Jeep Expedition Around the World

Patty Upton Overland Jeep Expeditation

The world is filled with dreamers, but it takes extraordinary individuals to turn those dreams into reality.  The stories of how ordinary people do incredible things.    People can overcome seemingly insurmountable odds through grit, perseverance, and raw determination.   This podcast is about one of those journeys. Patty and Loren Upton are precisely such […]

The Path to Everest Base Camp on A Shoestring Budget and a Dream

Yaks and Mt Everest Base Camp

Sarah Beatrice and Her Journey to Everest Base Camp Embark on an exhilarating adventure with Sarah Beatrice, a globetrotter who turned her passion for travel into building a curated travel business. Sarah’s latest feat? A daring and budget-friendly journey to the Everest Base Camp. This is not just any travel story; it’s a tale of […]

Integrity Matters: The path to sustainable success and fulfillment


Integrity: Without it, you have nothing. Integrity is one of the most important things you can bring to your business. It’s about making sure that everything you do, from how you treat your employees to how you interact with clients, lines up with what you stand for as a company. Your intentions should be aligned […]

Transforming Music Education: Dani Fiore’s Inclusive Vision for Empowered Music

Dani Fiore and Empowered Music

Discovering Inclusive Harmonies in Music Education with Dani Fiore Listen on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or YouTube This story has so much in it.  From the early love of music, Dani has been teaching students for years.   After building a nice following of students, the space they rented became hostile to LGBTQ issues and diversity. […]

How to Change The Author on a WordPress Blog Post

How to change author on WP Blog Graphic

5 Simple Steps to Change or Update an Author of a Blog Post in WordPress Change is a constant, even in the digital sphere of content creation. Have you ever found your WordPress blog post attributing credit to the wrong author? It’s like having a doppelganger who takes all the applause for your encore performance. […]

Unlock the Secrets to Crafting Irresistible Offers with Our Offer Mastery Course

Offer Mastery Online Course

Offer Mastery: Your Step-by-Step Framework to Crafting Life-Changing Offers through Customer Discovery Hey Dreamers, Collaborators, and Creators, Have you ever wondered why some offers end up being a wild success while others fizzle out despite your hard work? The truth is, creating an offer isn’t just about having a great product or service. It’s about […]

Why You Need a Conscious Business Coach

conscious business coach, Josh Meeder

Why You Need a Conscious Business Coach: Guiding Entrepreneurial Success with Mindfulness and Purpose Are you an entrepreneur seeking to take your business to new heights? Do you desire a deeper sense of purpose and mindfulness in your entrepreneurial journey? If so, you may benefit from the guidance of a conscious business coach. A conscious […]

Individual Expression & Group Beliefs: Fostering Safety & Respect i

In the grand tapestry of human experience, individual self-expression and group beliefs often intersect, sometimes leading to vibrant synergy and other times to stark conflict. Striking a balance between these two realms is a nuanced process, one that requires understanding, empathy, and mutual respect. But how do we go about achieving this delicate balance? This […]

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