Meet Marney Mallory

Introducing Marney Mallory, The newest team member

Marney Mallory Joins the Great Things LLC Team, Web Development

I am very excited to share the news about our team’s expansion.   There has been a need for web development and support for some time.   The right candidate hadn’t materialized until now.  I was introduced to Marney Mallory by my partner, Katy Jo.   She was handling marketing and social media campaigns for Katy Jo.   More importantly, we had all met and really enjoyed she spirit, humor and perspectives.

Marney has experience in software engineering and a deep background of artist pursuits.   The search was over!   Creative and technology coming together.    The expands the web design and development services we can provide.

Please welcome Marney to the team!  We are so excited to have her onboard.

About Marney, in her words

As the daughter of a commercial fisherman, I learned that hard work and determination would get you far in life.

As a recent graduate from a full-time computer programming bootcamp, I had to endure many challenging moments. But despite the difficulties, I always persevered because coding is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. Nothing feels better than using your own ingenuity, creativity and resourcefulness to solve a hard problem.

I haven’t always known what I wanted to do with my life, but no matter what I was doing I always gave it 100%. I spent my first couple years of college studying to be a painter, then eventually made the transition to becoming a Dental Lab Technician. I have always been very creative and enjoyed using my hands. I worked as a Lab-Tech for 5 years before realizing I wanted to be valued for more than just my ability to work quickly.
During my years as a tech I learned how to:

  • Tackle deadlines and work under pressure.
  • Work well independently and as part of a team.
  • Communicate effectively throughout the lab.
  • Pay extreme attention to detail.

In addition, to these skills I also became an efficient problem solver and begin to view my work as a puzzle I had to do everyday. It was this type of thinking that made me want to learn how to code.
I have been able to take all of my seemingly unrelated soft and hard skills and utilize them within one career path. I get to use my passion to create, emotional intelligence, communication skills, problem solving abilities, and determination every day I sit down to write code.

As a student at Epicodus I learned the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, Javascript, C#, and React. A regular school day simulates the schedule of a full-time developer. We programmed in pairs from 8-5, Monday-Friday. We were given daily assignments that test our technical knowledge, problem solving abilities, and best of all, made us write a whole lot of code. This has been an incredibly fulfilling and enriching shift and I am very excited for the next step in my programming career.

Some of my other passions include; painting, cooking and baking, rock climbing, pilates, making kombucha, playing violin, and climbing mountains/walking through the woods with my dog Bruce!


Meet the Team

Discover more about Josh, Kim and Marney, as well as their bios and networking links.   Visit the Team Page.

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