Midway, Kentucky Farmhouse

New Location, Midway Kentucky

Harmony, PA to Anchorage, AK and Now Midway Kentucky

If you have been following my travels and adventures at Two Camera’s and One Big Idea, you will know I have put on a lot of miles.  If we have been working together, you’ll know how it changed the hours with the times zones.   Well, I am back in the Eastern Standard Time zone (EST)!  Marney is in Alaska and Kimberly is in PA.  It seems that 2/3rds of our team can stay in the same time zone.

On May 6th, I left Anchorage and drive to Midway, Kentucky.   The trip took 8 days and covered, 4,400 miles.   It was beautiful, with the exception of one freak late season winter storm in British Columbia and Tornados in the upper mid west.   It is good to be settled into the new place.   The phone number is still the same.  The mailing address is Great Things LLC,  PO Box 4243 Midway, Kentucky 40347

There will be more information coming to you in the next newsletter.  Keep an eye out for that.

Stay Tuned!


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