Happy New Year and New Year’s Intentions

Forget the New Year’s Resolutions, Intentions are the way to start 2022

New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work!

2021 New Year's IntentionsLast year, I set New Year’s Intentions, not resolutions.
In my experience, Resolutions are firm and binary, either pass or fail. That’s why the usually don’t work. They create too much pressure and no space to grow.  Intentions feel softer. They allow space for falling and getting back up. They hold a longevity of their own

New Year’s Intentions: Calling In What You Desire

The intentions I called in last year all came to be. They came in gently and with forcing anything. 🙏🏻. 2021 may not be a year we celebrate, but there was a lot of good to be found. Through the loss of friends, political divisiveness, business challenges, restrictions and other ugliness, I was able to hold my center, and stay focused. This was possible because of those that influenced and educated me, what I read and the inner work that I had done. Thank you to each of you that are a part of that journey
2022 New Year's IntentionsStepping into 2022 there are new intentions . These seem much smaller, less daunting and already unfolding.
I am blessed and grateful to be starting this year with Katy Jo, in a loving and sacred partnership.
Dreaming in to possibilities, living boldly, loving deeply and experiencing all of the little moments together. That’s the “practice” this year.

What Intentions Do You Have for 2022?

The final step that I have found to be helpful and powerful, is to boldly share your intentions with the world!   Make the statement, take the risk and allow it to flow in.    What are your intentions?   How does this feel to your?   If you like it, share it with friends and family.  Happy Intention Setting!

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