Podcast with Rachel Allen and her new book

Rachel Allen’s Book: Blessings Beyond Bypass: Tender Medicine for Hard Times

Blessings Beyond Bypass: Tender Medicine for Hard Times

“Blessings Beyond Pass: Tender Medicine for Hard Times” is Rachel Allen’s new book.  It is beautifully written and crafted to allow us to get under the surface and truly feel. Beyond the platitudes in general niceties of daily life, we can be shamed for feeling negative emotions. The daily barrage of negativity, anxiety, injustice, violence, and marginalization of people can create a sense of rage, depression, or hopelessness. This book takes that head one.

Rachel Allen has built a vast and inclusive community, She has served others through her yoga, song, workshops, outreach programs, and various organizations. Rachel shares her experience on how the rage and frustration of injustices can be channeled. A different way to observe, discern and move through these hard times. A pathway to invite in curiosity and connection, while holding her own values and boundaries with gentle strength .

If you have been hopeless, angry, disempowered, marginalized, or traumatized, this is good medicine, for you and others. I enjoy you to get a few copies and share them with your friend. Blessing Beyond Pass: Tender Medicine for Hard Times is the Inaugural book release from Seed House Press, Go to YogaSong.net for more information about Rachel and her new book.

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