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3 of my latest small business promotional videos

Promotional Videos Work!

And promotional videos are lot more affordable and easy to create than you may think.    The following three videos were shot in a one hour span on a Thursday.  The editing and publication was complete by Tuesday at noon.   I hope you enjoy watching these, as much as I enjoyed creating them.

The Creative Process

My good friend and client, Renee Takacs, had a few messages she wanted to get out via her website and newsletter.  She developed the scripts and we decided to shoot at The Center of Harmony   Rather than attempting to memorize and do a straight read through, we broke the filming up by paragraphs and married them together in post production.  This is an effective way for her to get the best take of each part of the dialog.  It speaks up the editing process by taking the best “snippet” of each section and transitioning them together in fluid manner.

The Technical Details

Video production doesn’t have to have a ton of expenses or equipment.   This was shot on a Canon 5D Mark III, using either a 2.8  24-70mm or 2.8 70-200 L-Series Lens.  The Rhode Videomic isolated the sound and a good tripod brought it all together.       All together, the cost of shooting and production averaged about $140 per video.    How can you afford not to have professional video working for you?

If you would like information or discuss you promotional video needs, please let me know.

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