Latest Video production- Music Video shot on location in Pittsburgh

Here is a video I shot at Nied’s Hotel with Ron Pushak in Pittsburgh.   It was filmed on location and hosted by Slim Forsythe.   Molly Alphabet performs Saturday and Sunday.


This was shot with (2) Canon 7D and a few wide angle lenses, a steady cam rig and tripod.  Narration was capture on a H4N DAT and the track was provided by the band. Edit in Final Cut Express.   Music Video

Molly Alphabet performs “Saturday and Sunday” at Nied’s Hotel from Josh Meeder on Vimeo.

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Josh Meeder camera and table, Great Things LLC, Photo: Michael Cannon Photography

Josh Meeder

Renaissance Man, traveler, Gemini, Photographer, artist, ENTJ, entrepreneur, Visual Storyteller, handyman, kitchen wizard, unstoppable goofball.

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