another website by Great Things LLC : A new website design released April 2020 New website design and release Maryliana WickusWorking on a cool site design is fun.  Working with a friend and someone that offers life changing services is even better.  This was the case for and Maryliana Wickus.  Maryliana and I met several years ago and formed a strong connection.  Over the years, I learned more about her and her knowledge as a breath worker, healing and shaman.   Her passion, lineage and roots run deep.
During last years road trip, I was able to spend a couple of days with Maryliana.  We shot an informational video and discussed marketing ideas. I attended one of her classes.   Maryliana also guided me through a private breath work session.   The transformation and release of past patterns was unexpectedly powerful.  Since then, I have come to learn and utilize the power of breathing and breath work.

Redesigning and creating a new online presence

Maryliana had an old site, built by a friend, that was outdated and did not serve her needs, nor did it express her personality.   We collaborated on what would  create an impact user experience and how to better represent who she is.   She gave us full range on style and layout.   After a deep dive into the objectives, my associate Milo took that and ran.  Milo provided some options, color palettes, site design and design direction    It hit the mark!  The redesign was underway. color palette design for new Website Design A new look

We took Maryliana’s heritage and ancestry in to consideration, along with the sacred work she offers.   A vibrant color palette and clean graphic flow was created.  Throughout the website design process, we focused on Maryliana, her smile, the sense of calm she exudes and the love she brings.

We simplified the navigation with dropdown menus and deep page content.   Deep page design has replaced the old style of wide, tab based design. This creates a smooth and easy to navigate flow, especially on mobile devices.

Maryliana was very pleased with the result, as were we.

Collaboration throughout the process

Empowerment is one of the core beliefs Maryliana and I share.   Throughout the design and development of a website, I educate and train my clients to be able to update, modify and manage their own site.  Elementor is a responsive design tool for WordPress.  It eliminates the needs and restrictions of standard theme.  You can fully control and customize your sites layout, interactivity and responsiveness.   It is a powerful yet easy tool to use.    This approach and these tools provide a framework for great design and accomplishes  several things.   Here are the benefits of empowered and informed clients:

  • Faster design, build and less revisions.
  • Low costs
  • Better results and less surprises
  • The ability to rapidly and easily update the site and content.
  • A sense of freedom and accomplishment.
  • Long term success, SEO results and increased revenue.

See the results for yourself

Please visit and learn more about Maryliana Wickus and her offerings.   I encourage you to look into her classes, events and workshops.

Web Design and More

If you are either need a new site or are unhappy with your current website, contact me to discuss how we can collaborate and create a stunning website to represent you and your business.

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