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Black Oak Wood Shop. The latest website launch from Great Things LLC

Black Oak Wood Shop:  A new website launch This site was enjoyable to work on for several reasons.   First, it was enjoyable working with Ben Lago.  Ben is a creative guy, a successful entrepreneur.   We had a lot in common, woodworking and fishing at the top of that list.    Ben and his father, Dan, run a custom rough cut mill house.    They harvest native hard and soft wood species from they land in Port Matilda, PA. It is a labor of love and a place with father and son can connect.  That was the foundational inspiration and is now live.

Black Oak Woodshop Custom Furniture

A Fresh Design

Like most sites, a friend or relative threw together the first site.   Commonly, “Homemade” sites aren’t well structured for SEO, easy navigation or a great experience.  Ultimately, Ben wanted to surprise his father with a new and sleek site.   Because of that,  I showcased Lago’s custom slabs and beams, as well as the fine woodworking.

Design Aspects and Thoughts

We decided the wood and its natural grain needed to be highlighted.  The use of heavy black black background, with natural wood tone highlights.    The dark background allows the wood and furniture to “pop” off the page.  The woodworking projects are stunning in their own rights and needed no special treatments.

Family Affair and New Opportunities

While building the Black Oak site,  Dan started a new site to share his passion for Queen City Cutlery.   A life-long passion for these special knives.   Dan had an extensive database of model numbers, tang guides and such much information.  He wanted to share this with other collectors and enthusiasts.  Thus, was born.

Queen City Cutlery

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