Solar Panel Array

Blueprints and solar panels

This week held two good meetings.   Engineer Josh Meyer revised the roof line and 2nd floor to pick up an extra office and increase the square footage.  It also eliminated any East/West gable exposure.  This helps protect anextra end the roof life.  With only North and South facing roof,  the roof allows for cross effective ventilation, as well as providing a perfect platform for solar panels.

in exploring the solar panel option, we went down to Scalo Solar, a division of Burns & Scalo.  They have an impressive variety of sample installations on their roof.   From living roofs to solar, they have a multitude options to fit almost needs.  It was an extremely informative meeting.  I now have a good understanding of the cost and type of systems that would work.  Once the rest of the numbers starts rolling in, we can make some decision soon.

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