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Community in Action: Helping those affected by recent flooding

Harmony, Zelienople & Surrounding Communities Hit by Flooding

Tuesday Evening May 28th, 2019, extreme rains and storms hit Western Pennsylvania and caused massive flooding and damage to local communities.  The water levels reached the 2nd highest levels since 1924, second only to Hurricane Ivan.    4″ to 5″ of rain fell within a few hours overwhelming the storm water systems and the capacity of the Connoquenessing Creek.    The devastation was wide spread and severe.

One Week Later…

Businesses and families are cleaning up and clearing out the debris and damage.    In the aftermath, many still need support, and many more have offered to help.    This is the time people need the most support and it is hardest to find.   As such, a group of passionate individuals have coellexsed to connect those in need with those can can help.     They meet last night at Wunderbar Coffee and Crepes Thursday June 6th to discuss how they could help.   Here is the recap of the meeting.

A temporary webpage has been set up to request assistance, volunteer to help and provides links to an array of services.    Th

*This link has been removed. 

Community Support Meeting Recap

Thank you for your time and input last night.  Here is a summary of the meeting and next steps.   If anyone as a good name for this group, lets’ get it established very soon for promotion purposes.
PURPOSE:    Two fold, IMMEDIATE  create a Community Based network of resources to assist those affected by the recent flooding.  FUTURE and secondly to develop plans and actions to be prepared for future floods and disasters
1)  Relief;       Match those in need with those able to help.   identify areas of assistance needed.    Financial,  Debris Removal/Damage Mitigation, Clean up and Dry Out, and other needs.
    Group Coordinator :  Danyelle Sharps
Web Support/Social Media:     Josh Meeder
Volunteer Coordinators :  Sarah Burkett /  Seth Murphy
2)  Fundraising:  Coordinate fund raising efforts and promotion to assist those affected in the recent flood.
Group Coordinator :  Danyelle Sharps
Concert Promotion:     Josh Meeder
Food / Vendor Coordinator :  Patrick Wyman
3)  Emergency Planning for Future Natural Disasters:  Develop plans for business and community to know where to go and what to do.   Coordinate with local and regional EMS, Police, Municipal Government and the public institutions.
No Volunteers:  This group is on hold for future consideration.

News and Coverage of The Flooding   May 28th, 2019

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