SMOVE stabilizer

Creating videos, simply, easily and with a professional appearance.

DIY and Self-produced videos on the go

With today’s technology, it is easy to create fantastic videos for your business, or friends and family.  In this short tutorial, I will review a few basic pieces for equipment that have a big impact.

I hope you have enjoyed this short tutorial, check out my YouTube channel for a bunch of DIY videos and a few random personal ones too.

There are the links to the equipment described in the video.    Check them out and see what you think.

SMOVE Mobile;   A steady cam gimble system for your phone.   It creates fluid and flawless video content right in the palm of your hand:  Click here for the SMOVE

NEEWER 16″ Carbon Slider:  A convient, portable and solid slider for shooting with your phone or DSLR. Click here to shop on Amazon

Pergear TH3 Pro DSLR Camera Tripod Ball Head:  Great ball head at a fantastic price:   Click here to shop on Amazon

Lapel Microphones:  There are a bunch of options out there.   Consider powered (inline batteries) as most condenser mics work best with “phantom Power” .

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