Dubsado CRM Workflow, email, lead capture, invoicing for small business

Dubsado, the greatest small business CRM is celebrating 5 years!

I Love Dubsado!

Dubsado CRM for Small businessesIf you run a small business and need a robust and affordable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software,  look no further!   Dubsado was the answer to my needs, for both my operations.


Event Venue and Rental Management Challenges

The primary gap I needed to fill was a comprehensive lead capture, booking and invoicing solution for the hall rental at The Center of Harmony.   I was spending 10 hours a week managing emails, writing contracts, creating invoices and tracking payments.   I thought a cloud-based solution would be costly.    I was happily proven wrong!    Dubsado solved all of those challenges and reduced my work load to less than an hour per week.   Dubsado streamlined the entire process, from website inquiries to invoicing.

Consulting, Web Development and Video Production Management

The other challenge I faced was managing the client engagements in my consulting business.   Again, lead capture,  proposals, time tracking, invoicing. and email management took hours every week.    Dubsado put it all in one place.   Simple and affective.    The reporting and other features make it worth 5x the monthly cost.

Brands and Team Members

One of the best things about Dubsado is the ease in which you can separate and manage multiple different businesses and team members.  You can set up multiple “brands”.  Each has its own branding, emails and workflows.   Additionally, you can can have different users under each brand.   If you have virtual assistants, this is a game changer!   The task management system is a tool you will grow to love.   So get ready to change how you do business.

Change the way you do business now!

I can not stress enough that this WILL change your business and free up a ton of your time.   And time is your most precious asset.    So go to Dubsado.com today and sign up!


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