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How Thinking Big Can Expand Your Network In Ways You Never Knew Possible

Nature has it’s own wisdom & cycles

In many ancient and indigenous cultures, Winter is a time of rest, restoration, planning and dreaming for the coming spring, For the anticipation of the reemergence of life. In 2021 in particular, this chance to reimagine your vision for the future has arguably never been so apt for entrepreneurs.

Dreaming big isn’t only important when thinking about your overall vision for your small business, but when it comes to the company we keep, too.   Expand your mind and deepen your connections.

Your contacts can be the secret to the success for your side hustle, opening doors and leading to the opportunities you’ve always dreamed of (in fact, 80% of professionals consider networking important to success). Don’t just let those opportunities come along by accident – you can make them happen for yourself by building it into your business process. 

It’s time to dream big when it comes to your network! Here’s how you can be intentional about it right now… 

Use social media to make your dream connections 

The sky is the limit for your network. Thanks to social media, you don’t already have to have a connection to your dream contacts in order to be in touch with them. Think of an entrepreneur who you admire and would like to follow in the footsteps of, and follow them for inspiration on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram – everywhere! You’ll be immediately connected with your dream contact and have inside look into their expertise.

Social Media, leverage your connections

Use your dream entrepreneur as a plan for success 

Think about that entrepreneur who you aspire to have a career like and look at how they built their hustle into the business it is today. Whether that’s looking at a connection’s career progression as detailed on their LinkedIn profile, following their business updates on social media, or following them in podcasts and articles, look at what they do and use it as a future roadmap for your own hustle. 

plan for your success

Self development through your inspirational connections & community 

Not only can you follow your dream contacts online, but you can reach out to them in a way as simple as sending a message. In fact, you can do it right now. Whether you’re looking for advice or to collaborate, send a polite and professional message introducing yourself, and start networking with your dream contacts to gain their invaluable insight. 

building community

Ready to dream, collaborate and create today? Head to Great Things for more about building community and connection.

Connection on LinkedIn

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