Yoast SEO. Plugin for Wordpress sites

Elementor and Yoast, Finally get it together!!!

Yoast has integrated it’s SEO plugin with Elementor, and that is incredible news for you!

Elementor is the world’s most popular design tool for building WordPress site.  It is extremely flexible, powerful and effective.  With Elementor, pre-packaged and limited themes are a thing of the past.  That is why I choose it to build all of my client’s sites.

Yoast SEO Plugin (free and paid version) is one option I put on all sites.  It performance many functions to improver SEO (search engine optimization) tasks well and provides an outstanding guide to improving your content.

Until now, the integration was clunky to switch between.   Yoast has upped their game and we are all winning from it. Your blogs will definitely see an improvement.

If you have a blog, pay attention to this!

This integration can drastically improve your blog post’s reach and discoverability.   Writing a good blog is hard. enough, Writing one that gets the search engine’s attention is even harder.  Yoast’s integrated plugin can help and guide you with the process.  Over time, it will make you a much better content creator.

Yoast SEO integration with Elementor Features.

In the latest blog from Yoast, they go into depth about the features included in version 15.4.

Here are the highlights:

  • Seamless Integration with the Elementor Editor, no more searching at the bottom of the WordPress editor.
  • Real Time Content Analysis.   Get feedback and direction to make better content that will deliver results.
  • Schema control and options.   Easy access with clear visibility.
  • All of the great features and more in YOAST SEO Premium.


Better Writing, Better Content, Better Results

The real time content analysis and recommendations will ensure that your page or blog post has the best chance to rank.  Writing for SEO is different than normal copy writing.   Most people write to explain or sell, but not to get search results.

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