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Google Video Indexing: what it means to you

Google has added Video Indexing to Search Console

If you have Search Console set up for your website, you may have received a notification from Google about video indexing.  You will find this under your Search Console dashboard as Video Pages.Google Video Inspector

The following is a good description from Google’s help file:

“The video indexing report shows how many indexed pages on your site contain one or more videos, and on how many of those pages a video could be indexed. Indexed videos can appear in Google search results.”

  • Google could not determine the prominent video on the page
  • Cannot determine video position and size
  • Video too large or too small
  • MRSS failure; try using instead
  • Invalid video URL
  • Unsupported video format
  • Unknown video format
  • No thumbnail URL provided
  • Unsupported thumbnail format
  • Invalid thumbnail size
  • Thumbnail blocked by robots.txt
  • Thumbnail is transparent
  • Thumbnail could not be reached
  • Video not processed
  • Video not processed yet
  • Video not found on host service
  • Thumbnail is missing or invalid
  • Invalid thumbnail

Common Issue:  Multiple URLs for a video, or prominent video on the page

On my initial investigation of my site and a few clients, this is what came up most frequently.   If you have used the YouTube embed code and the URL in WordPress, you will see a problem.  If you used a video player widget, the same may happen.    The general fix is to make sure you are using the same URL on each page.   This may take a little trail and error, just check and re-inspect after each change.   **Be sure to flush your cache before re-inspecting any URL.

Looking for Help?  Call Us!

If you see video indexing errors and would like some help, contact us to see what can be done.  For information about the Google Alerts you are getting emailed, check out the Top 6 reasons why these Google Events structured data alerts are so lame article in my blog.


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