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How To Dream Big

How to dream big, what you need to know.

Most career coaches won’t tell you this, but planning for the future doesn’t mean you have to take a business school approach. 

Actually, it’s far more important to make choices crafted around your own mindset, values and dreams. This way, your plan will make sense for your small business and your personal growth.

More importantly, it’s the secret to igniting your passions and making you happy in a way which even an MBA-approved business plan could never. Once you’re personally and creatively fulfilled and love what you do, success will come naturally. 

If you thrive on creativity and passion rather than spreadsheets, here’s how to dream big and make an effective future plan for you and your side hustle…. 

Create a vision board 

Creating a vision board is a creative way to set the goals you want in life, not only for your small business, but more importantly, for your own self development and fulfilment. Fill your vision board with the dreams you have for your growth and what you want to achieve – the process of making it will require you to define your goals, while returning to it will help you draw inspiration to work toward your dreams whenever you need it. Set it as your phone wallpaper for constant creative inspiration.

Vision Board and dreaming

Get outside 

Whether you work from an office or run your side hustle from your kitchen table, a change of scenery can spark new ideas and create a fresh mindset, free of the distractions of your everyday setting. Go for a walk, head to a park, or visit a cafe to switch things up, both physically and mentally. 

Get Outside, lifestyle and business coaching from Josh Meeder

Manifest your dream into reality

Picture a vision of success for yourself, and imagine it has already happened – and whenever you doubt that it will come into fruition, just remember, there is a version of you out there who has already achieved that success. This mindset will mean that naturally, the smaller day to day choices you make will ultimately work towards achieving your vision. 

manifest your dreams, living the dream, working from Mexicoo

Want to put your plan into action? Great Things will help you align your personal goals with your business values today. 

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