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Search Engine Optimization, (SEO) it is the holy grail of web design and the dream of every website owner. Every business owner wants to see their website at the top of the search results.  Most struggle to achieve that.   Search Engine Optimization is a complex and shifting environment.  Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms and standards.  Keeping up with these changes is more than a full time job and one that not many people want to tackle.

Recently, I discovered the Squirrly SEO plugin and services. While most of you are probably using Yoast SEO , standard or premium version.   Yoast is a great plugin and does structure the site very well.  Yoast also released an integration option with SEMrush that performs a similar function of analyzing and suggesting better optimized content and writing practices.

The Squirrly plugin is quite a bit more in depth and provides a helpful live assistant that walks through the each set of optimizing each page and post.   There is a slight learning curve, but it has not deterred me yet.  Currently, I am comparing and testing both on this website.  The results are very encouraging.

Initial Results,  the first few days have been impressive

Squirrly SEO Results
This is what happened within the first week of installing the plugin and beginning the optimizations.  While the Google Site Kit plugin shows the last 4 weeks, it was essentially flat prior to configuring Squirrly.


Get Squirrly with me!

If you are interested in having Squirrly SEO added to your wordpress site, let’s talk..   I can assist you with the licensing and set up.  I have 5 licenses available at discounted rates to get your started too!

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