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  • Journeyman Hammock Camp: Get Off The Ground, It’s Better Up Here!

The second season of the Great Things LLC Podcast kicks off with Shane Stoehr and Journeyman Hammocks. The Journeyman Hammock Camp and Adventure kit has transformed how I camp and how much I enjoy it!

Shane Stoehr, founder of Journeyman HammocksShane Stoehr is an avid traveler, outdoor enthusiast and product designer.    The Journeyman Hammock Camp and Adventure Kit are the result of tens of thousands of miles traveled, countless nights in nature and years of development.    The Journeyman Hammock Camp is a complete and fully integrated camping solution that is perfect for anyone that travels, camps or just is tired of sleeping on the hard ground.

In this episode, Shane and I discuss the evolution of the JHC system from an idea born out of necessity to a camping solution available to all.

This is also a personal story.   Shane and his partner, Kim, are dear friends.   We meet several years ago and instantly connected.   Kim is also a major part of my company, Great Things LLC.  Kim is an incredibly talented writer, yogi, coach, researcher and marketing wizard.

My Introduction and the Moment Everything Changed!

Journeyman Hammock,Hangers Grove, Shane Stoehr, Great Rhythm RevivalI was introduced to the Journeyman Hammock two years ago at the Great Rhythm Revival at the Heron Farm and Events Center in Sherman New York.  Shane was hosting his “Hanger’s Grove” workshop where he educated people on the hammock camping lifestyle.   I bought my hammock that day and have never slept in the ground since!   It has fundamentally changed how I camp and travel.

My First Experience with the JHC

Here is a video of the first time I set up the Hammock Camp.   This time-lapse videos shows how simple and intuitive the system is.  I set it up in under 10 minutes with no guidance or instruction.   It was so easy!

Josh Meeder hanging out in the Journeyman Hammock Camp A Camping Hammock for Everyone

The Hammock is comfortable, versatile and sets up in under 5 minutes.    With a 360° bug net, thermal under quilt, infinitely adjustable anchor straps and a canopy that closes, it is an all season, all weather camping godsend.   I’ve slept in the hammock from 85° to freezing night and been very content.

See How Simple It Is

Here is a step by step video of the set up of the hammock.   You will see how the components come together and create a wonderful camping and sleeping experience. will be launched very soon.    The website was built by Kim and I.  We are both very proud of that and I am ecstatic to be a part of this revolutionary product and company.   Check out the website and learn more.    This is a must of any outdoorsmen, traveler, nature lover or recreation seeker.

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