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Why you shouldn’t wait to follow your dreams

Why you shouldn’t wait to follow your dreams

When we think about our dreams – be it to retire, make a total career change, or perhaps to travel the world – there’s often one common theme: they’re all set in some distant future. Think about it now, how often have you put off a dream until tomorrow?

But your dream shouldn’t be something you put off for later – following your dreams should be a priority. You can begin the process to change your lifestyle, with intention and passion.

You can follow your dreams today, and it’s easier than you might think. In fact, I’m all the proof you need: this summer, I am selling my house and hitting the road to pursue my dream of working as a digital nomad and having the freedom to travel full-time, with all the life experiences that will come with embracing a total change of lifestyle. With a deep trust in the universe and myself, I’m setting any fears aside and making it happen, right now.

Don’t put your deepest desires off for later any longer. Here’s why you should take the steps to follow your dreams today. There’s no time like the present…

Following your dreams makes you feel complete

Dreaming big, and allowing yourself to visualize what you really want from life, and what truly makes you feel happy and fulfilled, is a powerful thing. Knowing what it will take for you to feel your authentic self and working towards it is the greatest motivation anyone can have – and it’s what leads to people creating incredible things and experiencing life to its fullest. Studies have even shown that people regret things they didn’t do far more than things they tried but failed at. Working towards that dream now, and knowing you’re on your authentic journey creates a sense of fulfilment it’s near-impossible to achieve otherwise.

Your dreams should not wait

Following your dreams creates an unrivaled sense of personal fulfillment and happiness. Why wait to feel that way? Life is short and unpredictable, and tomorrow simply isn’t promised. Live your truth and be your most authentic self now – you never know what the future will hold. As Paul Arden, the bestselling author of ‘Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite’ says, “It’s better to regret what you have done than what you haven’t.”

Putting a shorter timescale on your plan makes it more likely to happen

Once you stop thinking of your dreams as something that will happen ‘later’, and instead, think about them happening in a shorter tangible amount of time – perhaps it a year, six months from now, or next month – it becomes simpler to look at the actions you need to take to make them happen. And those actions? Those are what will make your dream a reality. The first step is all it takes to start the journey.

The world is waiting for you

Excitement, opportunity, relationships and life experiences are all out there, just waiting to happen. The universe has them in store for you, if you’ll only let it. In order to experience the beautiful richness of everything the world holds for you, all you need to do is take those steps to pursuing your goals. Who knows where it could lead? The possibilities are unpredictable and endless.

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