Facebook and Instagram change Embed Process

WordPress: Facebook changes how it handles FB embeds on your website

Facebook and Instagram Changes their embed process for websites:  October 24th, 2020

What ever happened to the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?”  Well the developers at Facebook have released some changes effective today, that change the Facebook and Instagram feeds are embedded on your WordPress Site.

FB takes a different direction

Let’s face it, the social media giant has been acting bit strangely recently.   Ads and campaigns are getting rejected for no reason.   Some Ad accounts have even been unexpectedly shut down.  Their paid ads aren’t performing as well as in the past.  And there is that whole thing with potential Anti Trust Lawsuit.

“May you live in interesting times.”
-Chinese Proverb

Most online companies and platforms use an open standard called oEmbed.  It works wells to allow shared content to appear everywhere in a predictable and pleasing view.  Facebook has decided to drop any support for oEmbed and now requires its users to set up their own API’s.  And that is not exactly a simple process.

Unfortunately, this will probably break any embeds you have created on your WordPress site.

What you need to do next, especially if you are using Yoast.

Fortunately, embedding Facebook & Instagram feeds into your website is not a practice I have suggested or implemented.   I prefer to have social share buttons link out to those social media accounts.   The majority of my customers will not be affected.    However, if you do have embeds on your site,  there are some options for you to consider.  Yoast has an informative article on what is required moving forward.  Read the article.

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