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YouTube Handles, What You Need to Know

YouTube Handles are Coming

What are handles?  Why should you care? 

First, it is a big change on how YouTube is connecting users, creators and partners.  It also changing how they create your channel URL.   For example, my channel URL is 

It will be changed over to      If you don’t have a custom channel name (this happens when you don’t have a 100 subscribers and haven’t set it up), you will be able to choose your handle.   If you have a Custom Channel name, you should also be able to change it.  

One big advantage is that You can use your handle to direct people to your channel when they’re not on YouTube. For example, if your handle is @user123, your channel URL will be

Be sure to use a consistent handle across all of your online and social media platforms if at all possible. 

YT’s Handle Announcement

If you miss their email, here is the official announcement and introduction to handles. 

Keep On The Look Out For Your Handle

This is being rolled out now.  You will get an email and notification on your channel when it is available.   Be sure to address this quickly, to reserve the right handle.   They will start getting taken up quickly. 

Stay Tuned as we are gearing up for this release and our clients’ YT channel needs. 

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