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Elementor 3.2: PayPal Widgets, Form Submissions & Feature Improvements

Elementor 3.2: New features and functions worth checking out

The latest release from Elementor has some great new features.  These may benefit your needs, so check them out.

  • Forms:  Store, manage &  submission
  • PayPal Button Widget
  • Inner Sections:  Improvements and Sticky Functions

Form Submission and Form Storage

Prior to this enhancement, several clients needed to have Elementor Contact Form DB plugin installed.  Without form storage, information could be lost if there was a problem in submitting or sending a form.    Elementor has solved this with their new Forms Submission feature.

This new feature collects, backs up, and saves your form submissions to the site’s database.  You can now access that information whenever and wherever you need, all from your WordPress Dashboard.

Additionally, there are filtering options to help you find a form  quickly.  If you see the green checkmark you’re all set and ready to go. Got the yellow notice icon? Check your form’s integration to see that everything is working properly.

PayPal LogoPayPal Button  Widget


Do you sell products or services online using PayPal? You should be rejoining!  The process to create and a PayPal is now integrated and simple!   It’s time to update your site and get selling more affectively.

Inner Section Improvements

If you are actively  designing your site in Elementor, you have the option to use columns or inner sections. You can add up to 10 columns in a row.  Inner sections are nested within a column.

The improvements now allow your to design side by side layouts, that will stay in the column and allow the user to scroll over your page. This is especially helpful for creating vertical timelines, where a plugin was needed before.

Interested in Moving To or Updating your Elementor based WP Site?

Great Things LLC designs and builds custom, adaptive and impactful websites.    Learn more or get started,  visit my Web Design Page.

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